We are back! Sort of. September 29th, 2019.

The Write Room is coming back after an extremely long hiatus. What happened? That’s a long story that may be written someday but not today.  Short story, our website, and content were deleted. Thanks to the wonderful folks at Submittable our accepted and archived content was saved. In addition, most if not all of our custom images were saved.

The challenge, which is a daunting one, is to put the previous magazine back together and published. As of this date, 9/29/19, a large portion of the images and some content are loaded here. I will published each item as it is completed.

It will be a long time before we open back up for submissions. I cannot explain how difficult it was and will be to read, select, edit, and add the artwork to each poem or short story that we published. Hundreds of submissions arrived every month, and I hope we are as fortunate this time around.

Thank you for hanging with us.


Joellen Kubiak-Woodall

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