Joellen Kubiak-Woodall

My work is heavily influenced by my southern roots. I am compelled to write stories about the rural working poor, and I often write about my childhood in rural South Carolina during the early 1960’s. The lifestyle I write about has all but disappeared. I feel it is a way of life worth preserving, and I strive to capture it vividly.  I continue to work toward a collection of short stories based on this theme. Excerpts from the work will appear here. The collection is tentatively titled Clay Pit Road. I am currently pursuing my Masters in Professional Writing at … Continue reading Joellen Kubiak-Woodall


Hedgebrook invests in women who write by providing them with space and time to create significant work, in solitude and community, and by developing an international network to connect writers and audiences. Hedgebrook is on Whidbey Island, about thirty-five miles northwest of Seattle. Situated on 48-acres of forest and meadow facing Puget Sound, the retreat hosts women writers from all over the world for residencies of two weeks to two months, at no cost to the writer. Residents are housed in six handcrafted cottages, where they spend their days in solitude – writing, reading, taking walks in the woods on … Continue reading Hedgebrook

The Christopher Isherwood Foundation

The Christopher Isherwood Foundation The main purpose of the Christopher Isherwood Foundation is to contribute significantly to the flourishing of American letters by awarding grants to published novelists. These $3,000.00 grants enable writers to devote time to writing projects and provide funds for research. Grants will be awarded to writers who have published at least one book of fiction, either a novel or a collection of stories. Each grant is for $4,000. The grants are intended to enable writers to set aside time for writing. All applicants must be American citizens. The novel or story collection must have been published … Continue reading The Christopher Isherwood Foundation