Joellen Kubiak-Woodall

Joellen Kubiak-Woodall
Joellen Kubiak-Woodall

My work is heavily influenced by my southern roots. I am compelled to write stories about the rural working poor, and I often write about my childhood in rural South Carolina during the early 1960’s. The lifestyle I write about has all but disappeared. I feel it is a way of life worth preserving, and I strive to capture it vividly.

 I continue to work toward a collection of short stories based on this theme. Excerpts from the work will appear here. The collection is tentatively titled Clay Pit Road.

I am currently pursuing my Masters in Professional Writing at Kennesaw State University.

Joellen’s contributions to The Write Room:

Surburban Noir erotic fiction by Joellen Kubiak-Woodall

The Road a memoir by Joellen Kubiak-Woodall

Chris Whitley Speaks Softly a music review by Joellen Kubiak-Woodall

Bra Boys a documentary film review by Joellen Kubiak-Woodall

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One thought on “Joellen Kubiak-Woodall

  1. Hi Joellen, I read your short stories and I was very impressed. I thought they were wonderfully descriptive, so much so that they drew me into your feelings and thoughts of every moment you were imagining. I look forward to reading more..great work….take care, Marilyn

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