Opportunities – Freelance

Mexico Xpatz


Whether it’s a history piece on the Mayans or an adventure
tale about kayaking in Cabo, it should always have an “only
in Mexico” aspect. Stories have to be vivid, focused and
unique. We do our best to bring our readers the finest
writing on Mexico. Before writing your story, contact us
to see if we’re interested in your idea. Give your story
query plenty of specifics. We are particularly interested in
stories regarding real-estate, healthcare, night-life, the
hotel scene from modest to extravagant, the overall lifestyle
of the area, arts & culture, surrounding attractions,
development and interviews with interesting xpatz. Our pay
rate is 20 cents/word for feature copy, based on the word
count of the published version, with additional pay for use
of any photos by the author. This rate will increase after
the first year. Queries should be submitted via e-mail to
Pam Stone in Microsoft Word. Please be sure to submit 2 of
your best stories as examples of your writing along with your

Learning Through History


The deadline for submissions for the Late Middle Ages issue
is August 15, 2008. Below are a few of the topics we are seeking:

Great Famine of 1315-1317
The Black Death
Hundred Years War
The Peasants’ Revolt
The Wars of Scottish Independence
Henry VII and the Rise of the Tudors
Wars of the Roses
Joan of Arc
Avignon and its Popes
English Renaissance
From Middle English to Modem English
The Burgundian Empire
Johannes Gutenberg and the Moveable Type Press
Search for Robin Hood
The Western Schism
Exploration Begins: Henry the Navigator

Next up in Vol. 7. Issue #1 is the North Atlantic Slave Trade.
Deadline is October 15, 2008 for submissions.

Chicken Soup for the College Student


We are looking for true stories and poems about your experiences
in college. We are looking for stories written by college
students, or by graduates about their college years.  We prefer
stories and poems written in the first person of no more than
1,200 words. If your story is chosen, you will be a published
author and your bio will be printed in the book. You will also
receive a check for $200 and 10 free copies of your book, worth
more than $100. We will copyright your story in your name and you
will retain the rights to resell it. Deadline December 31, 2008.

Lipstick Magazine


Lipstick strives to publish quality writing that captures
the freshness and honesty of the conversations women engage
in with their friends and family. We like to see our writers
in the stories they submit, so the presence of the author in
the tone and voice of the article is an absolute must.
Lipstick magazine is a fun, irreverent publication aimed at
women between the ages of 30 and 50 living in the Birmingham

Skirt Magazine


Skirt!® publishes eight to 14 personal essays every month on
topics relating to women and women’s interests. A personal
essay is a narrative that emphasizes a personal, subjective
view. All essays for consideration should be submitted in
their entirety and be between 800 and 1,200 words.
Submissions over 1,200 words will not be considered. Payment
for articles and other submissions varies. Skirt! buys one-
time rights. We reserve the right to edit articles for length
and content.

Greatest Uncommon Denominator

Our dictionary defines literatures thus: written works, esp. those valued for form and style. And that is what we are looking for – form and style, though be sure there’s substance as well. Any genre, including literary or mainstream, is acceptable. We don’t back away from a fight – if your work screws with convention, breaks rules, makes demands of the reader, then we’re equal to the challenge. Just please, by whatever you hold dear, give us some prize at the end of the fight.
Pays 3 cents per word – please read the submission guidelines in full before submitting
Submission Guidelines: http://www.gudmagazine.com/subs/submit.php

Blue Mountain Arts

Blue Mountain Arts is interested in reviewing writings for publication on greeting cards. We are looking for highly original and creative submissions on friendship, family, special occasions, positive living, and other topics one person might want to share with another person. Submissions may also be considered for inclusion in book anthologies.
They pay $300 per poem for all rights to publish it on a greeting card and $50 if your poem is used only in an anthology.
To request a copy of their writer’s guidelines (which include contact/submission information), please send a blank e-mail to writings@sps.com with “Send Me Guidelines” in the subject line, or write to them at:
Blue Mountain Arts, Inc.
Editorial Department
P.O. Box 1007
Boulder, CO 80306.
You can also visit our Web site at http://www.sps.com

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