Out of the Closet, or How to Dress Your Age. Part 3

By Gina Gareri-Watkins I’m still sorting the clothes in my closet when Selena decides to tackle my shoes. Preoccupied with my clothing discards, I fail to notice that Selena has methodically rounded up my footwear for review and is barely concealing her impatience as she waits for me to join her.  I drag myself over as she admires their new positions on the wire shelf that spans the bottom of my closet.  Bless her anal heart — my shoes are now grouped according to color and heel height, their backs standing at military attention with their toes nudging the scuffed wall.  They have no idea we’re arguing over their fate. “This pair has … Continue reading Out of the Closet, or How to Dress Your Age. Part 3

CONTESTS and MARKETS 8/25/2008

DIVERSION PRESS “WAR IS ALL WE KNOW” SHORT STORY CONTEST http://www.diversionpress.com/war_is_all_we_know_short-story_contest — NO ENTRY FEE We are running a contest for this anthology, just like for our Poetry Anthology. The best three stories will win 1st-3rd place and all winners will be published in the Anthology and receive a free copy of the Anthology.  The winners may also have their name and entries displayed on our website.  Prizes are 1st:  30 dollars, publication, and free copy, 2nd:  20 dollars, publication, and free copy, 3rd:  10 dollars, publication, and free copy. This anthology is designed to collect the best fiction on … Continue reading CONTESTS and MARKETS 8/25/2008


EDITOR Location Arlington, VA http://jobsearch.usajobs.gov/getjob.asp?JobID=74631248&aid=27015391-1388&WT.mc_n=MKT000125 — Deadline August 26, 2008. Employing Agency: Joint Chiefs of Staff. Review and analyze related Joint Staff documents to acquire information about the subject. Edit for adherence to Joint Staff format, grammatical construction, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, compounding of words, use of italics, abbreviations, numbers, symbols, accurate use of command or organization titles (and the explanation thereof), and the proper use of military terminology. Determine whether the purpose of the action is properly addressed and whether pertinent facts are included and cogently discussed in the relation to the purpose. TECHNICAL EDITOR Location Washington DC http://jobsearch.usajobs.gov/getjob.asp?JobID=74769830&aid=27015391-1388&WT.mc_n=MKT000125— Deadline … Continue reading JOB OPPORTUNITIES 8/25/2008


KIKI MAGAZINE http://kikimag.com/professionalwriter.php — Kiki is both a fashion magazine and a creativity journal for “tween” girls who are 8-14 years old. We are interested only in articles that help expand our readers’ creative horizons in a wide range of topical areas, including how-to crafts, sewing projects, illustration techniques, sewing techniques, design ideas, business, geography, interviews with people in the industry (particularly students and young people starting their careers), book reviews, product reviews, travel, grooming tips, games, puzzles, and content-related quizzes. We do not accept articles on sexual topics, puberty, relationships with boys, or other socially oriented content. Because our … Continue reading FREELANCE POSITIONS 8/25/2008


URBAN LEADERS FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM http://americancity.org/fellows — Next American City is currently seeking candidates for our Urban Leaders Fellowship Program, a unique opportunity to write about the development of our nation’s cities. The nine-month, part-time fellowship comes with a $10,000 stipend. Through substantial contribution to our print magazine and website, as well as a presence in other media outlets throughout the country, our fellows will conduct new research and in-depth reportage on the issues at the forefront of urban change. In addition to diversifying and expanding the editorial content of our publications, our primary goal is to have a long-term, positive … Continue reading GRANTS FELLOWSHIPS SCHOLARSHIP COMPETITIONS 8/25/2008

Out of the Closet, or How to Dress Your Age. Part 2

By Gina Gareri-Watkins “So, what’s the latest salvo in the divorce wars?” I ask Selena as I balance my second margarita on the closet shelf above our heads. Selena snorts. “Please. I told his lawyer yesterday that hubby had better come to Jesus soon about the porn thing, or we’re talking big dollars here. Rod Stewart dollars.” “Don’t ya just hate it when that happens?” I laugh. “Shut UP!” Selena barks. Selena’s in the middle of a protracted divorce that started with a basic dilemma — she hated her husband — which escalated into a full-out war when she hacked … Continue reading Out of the Closet, or How to Dress Your Age. Part 2