Kiki is both a fashion magazine and a creativity journal for “tween” girls who are 8-14 years old. We are interested only in articles that help expand our readers’ creative horizons in a wide range of topical areas, including how-to crafts, sewing projects, illustration techniques, sewing techniques, design ideas, business, geography, interviews with people in the industry (particularly students and young people starting their careers), book reviews, product reviews, travel, grooming tips, games, puzzles, and content-related quizzes. We do not accept articles on sexual topics, puberty, relationships with boys, or other socially oriented content. Because our target market is girls ages 9 to 13, we are not interested in articles directly about college life. Interviews with college design students are acceptable, however. Pay rate depends on the length of the piece. Pieces can be anywhere from 250 words to 750 words with inset articles of 150 words. The pay rate ranges from .50 to $1.00/word.


29-week national public TV series jointly curated by PBS and ITVS and showcasing independent documentary programming and dramas seeks completed films for broadcast during October 2009 – June 2010 season. Welcomes full spectrum of film – from history to drama to animation to shorts to social-issue subjects. Must be compelling story, well told, with elements suited to attracting a national audience; work should be innovative, provocative, character driven, and well-crafted. Accepts only very advanced fine cuts and completed works of all genres and lengths (standard acquisition fee begins at $30,000 for hour-long program). PBS has standard length requirements that may necessitate edits. Most programs accepted will likely be scheduled in 1-hour time-slots. Receipt Deadline: September 26, 2008.


SankyNet is seeking applicants with strong writing and copy editing skills to fill several freelance positions. Previous experience writing for the Web is a plus. The right candidate will be capable of working independently and taking initiative, as well as meeting tight deadlines and bringing a creative voice to a wide range of clients. This is a freelance position. Write compelling e-appeals and e-newsletters for non-profit organizations whose missions range from hunger relief, women’s rights, education and animal welfare to biomedical research and the arts. Write and/or edit website copy ranging from featured articles to complete copy decks. Create pay-per-click advertising campaigns including ad copy and landing pages. Degree in English, Journalism or a related subject preferred. Minimum 3-5 years writing and editing experience. Previous experience writing for non-profit organizations preferred.

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