Location Arlington, VA

Deadline August 26, 2008. Employing Agency: Joint Chiefs of Staff. Review and analyze related Joint Staff documents to acquire information about the subject. Edit for adherence to Joint Staff format, grammatical construction, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, compounding of words, use of italics, abbreviations, numbers, symbols, accurate use of command or organization titles (and the explanation thereof), and the proper use of military terminology. Determine whether the purpose of the action is properly addressed and whether pertinent facts are included and cogently discussed in the relation to the purpose.


Location Washington DC

Deadline September 26, 2008. Employing Agency: Federal Reserve System–Board Of Governors. Applying a general knowledge of the subject areas relevant to the Board, the Technical Editor ensures that publications are logically arranged and that the text conforms to current English-usage standards and established Board editorial style. The Technical Editor assists other senior editors in carrying out their assignments and also may be responsible for coordinating the Board’s contributions to publications of other governmental organizations. The Technical Editor assists in coordinating the typesetting and printing of publications and with the creating and updating of content for the Board’s public web site, PubWeb.


Location Quantico, VA

Deadline August 29, 2008. Employing Agency: US Marine Corps.The incumbent provides technical editorial expertise in the production of military analysis-related multimedia products (including hardcopy manuals, CD-ROMSs, and the applicable websites) within a team environment.  Applies thorough knowledge of the English language. Applies computer skills in electronic/desktop publishing using Microsoft products.  Applies knowledge of formatting, design/layout principles, and incorporation of graphics, photo imaging, and computer-generated visual enhancements within publications.


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