Patrick Pomeroy

patrick wo beardPatrick Pomeroy was born in 1966 in Cleveland, Ohio. The son of a journalist, early life took him to Israel and Vietnam during wars in both places.  After arriving in San Francisco from Cyprus, he lived with his mother and brother for seven months at the Holiday Inn in lovely Fisherman’s Wharf before securing a stable place to live. For this Patrick will remain grateful.

His interests are psychology and psychiatry, art and the human psyche. He believes strongly in Freud’s conclusion that we are here “to work and to love”.

 Patrick’s contributions to The Write Room:

The Custodian of My Transgression

Lake Effect 

A Day In the Night at Bellevue Hospital

Summer Mountain Poem

Nights Veil and the Wicked One Hundred

Running In My Own Alaska a poem by Patrick Pomeroy

Summer of 1990 a poem by Patrick Pomeroy

The South China Sea a poem by Patrick Pomeroy

An Aging North Eastern Bluff On An Island In The Atlantic a poem by Patrick Pomeroy

Losing You


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