Running In My Own Alaska

by Patrick Pomeroy

We came from everywhere.

Leaving behind the strewn clues

Of ourselves in one bedroom


Each of us abandoning shards

        Of award winning lives.

         Hosted in the darkness.


Our new home

         A huge white building.


Grief, shame, guilt, abuse


The wobbling stilts

           We were shackled to

                All our forsaken



Us a collective

               Blowing fire.

               Tongues forked

Venom real and worse.. ready.


Getting in our way….a mistake!

We know the ground which

Becomes our trudge.

              Always Upward.

    Becoming free, once again.


Seeing blind.

           People experiencing

               As if new again.

     Still, us so far from peace.


I ran my six miles a day,

               All winter long.

    Warming up in the Bering



So long ago

       Barely remembered until


                 Drunken breath

                     Sucking the

Air away from me.



You, slowly dying.

                         Your soul

Dried up in the hot Sonoren




While me with eyes like peepholes

              To your final breaths.



Now I’m free!


         Running in my own Alaska



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