Vanessa Knauf

the starving artist
The Starving Artist

Vanessa Knauf is a master’s candidate at Kennesaw State University in the Master of Arts in Professional Writing program. Her writing falls into the genre of creative non-fiction, with an emphasis on the creative. Vanessa grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, but also feels at home in Athens, Georgia, and Moscow, Russia. Her experiences abroad inspire and influence her stories. In order to maintain her street cred as a “starving artist,” Vanessa continues to live in Atlanta, Georgia, with her parents and waits tables part-time.

Vanessa’s contributions to The Write Room:

An Excerpt from a Novel that Will One Day Rival Tolstoy in Scale and Dostoevsky in Existential Despair

Desiree (mirco fiction)

Vanessa’s blogs: 

Glimpse Short stories from photographs 

Missives Some misguided letters to whoever




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