Gibson Girl Publishing Company,
a royalty paying e-publishing company, is accepting
fiction and nonfiction multicultural books. It is open
to all fiction genres except for children’s, erotica,
and poetry. Nonfiction is limited to inspirational and
“how to” books.



If you remember a special event or experience — from
the past or only yesterday — that’s particularly related
to living in the Heartland, we’d like to hear about it.
Tell us your story about a happening that typifies life
in the Midwest. If we publish your essay (750 words or
less, please), you get $250.



School Transportation News is a monthly news magazine
devoted to the pupil transportation industry. The magazine
and web site deliver news and information specific to the
industry, including policy developments, state and federal
regulations, vehicle maintenance and manufacturing, product
news, vendor developments, Head Start regulations and safety



Most of GCM’s articles deal with problems faced by
superintendents or describe techniques that allow
superintendents to do their jobs better.



Novello Publishers is seeking 10 hysterical stories to
fill their first trade paperback humorous horror anthology. 
Word count is not to exceed 2,000, NO EXCEPTIONS. The
shortest accepted piece will be 1,500, but closer to the
2,000 mark is ideal for this project. Poetry will not be
accepted. Stories must be horror-oriented-no sci-fi unless
in the vein of  “Alien.”  Stories will be selected (mainly)
on their humor content: the harder you make the editors
laugh the better chance your story will be picked. 
Payment: $40 and one contributor copy. Deadline November
30, 2008.



With an attitude that is fierce, funny, and proud to be
female, BUST provides an uncensored view on the female
experience. BUST tells the truth about women’s lives and
presents a female perspective on pop culture. Pays up
to $250 for nonfiction features and $100 for erotic



Hotel Guignol is an upcoming web-series, featuring horrible,
mysterious and absurd occurrences that took place within
the rooms of this hotel over the course of it’s near-100
year history. If you’re looking for a peaceful night,
you’ve come to the wrong place. While production on the
series will not commence until January 2009, we are
currently accepting submissions of 5 – 10 minute screenplays
or short stories that can be adapted for the weekly episodes.
Your script or short story should tell us of an incident or
a peculiar occurrence taking place inside one of the rooms
of Hotel Guignol. This is a horror/suspense/crime/mystery
series with a hint of noir, so your stories must be fitting
within one or a mixture of these genres.Think of the format
as “Twilight Zone” & “Tales From the Crypt”… only inside
a hotel and told in a third or less of the running time.
Your story could take place anywhere in time from the
1920’s to modern day. If your script is selected for an
episode, you will receive $100 USD and a “written by” credit
in the end title sequence. If your short story is selected
for an episode, you will receive $50 USD and a “based upon”
credit in the end title sequence.

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