FREELANCE MARKETS September 22, 2008


FEATURE ARTICLES cover issues such as prayer and spirituality,
sacraments, liturgy, parish life, family life, social issues,
public life, theology, everyday morality, and other aspects of
an everyday Catholic’s life. Articles range from 2,500 to 4,000
words and should include general background on the topic and
extensive interviews with people in the pew and experts. All
articles should have an explicit religious dimension, enabling
readers to see the interaction between their faith and the
issue at hand. Minimum payment is $500. Other columns pay
from $75 to $300 to include profiles, short stories, essays,
news events, societal trends, and poetry.



Published by the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Articles related
to current foreign policy, defense and all veterans issues
are accepted. Also military history, armed forces abroad,
international events affecting US national security.
Interviews with prominent figures are needed. No first person,
personality profiles, poetry, fiction, reprints or book reviews.
Usually 1,000 words. Quotes from relevant individuals are
a requirement. Photos preferred. Payment based upon length,
writing quality and research performed. Payment upon
acceptance and kill fee offered. Guidelines are not online.
Solicit detailed guidelines via above email.



One of the leading publishers of academic and business
information seeks writers to create authoritative, in-depth
summaries of leading business books for its Business Book
Summaries collection. The summaries will provide a comprehensive
understanding of the works included, with the aim of making that
information readily available to business leaders. Summaries are
targeted towards business leaders and managers. Each work will
receive three summaries, a 300-word introduction to the work, a
600-word summary that touches on all main points of the work and
a comprehensive 4,500 word summary. Writers should hold a
Bachelor’s degree in Business, English, Journalism or a related
field. Writers will be compensated on a per-article basis and
will receive a by-line.


We’ve created a distinct space that we hope will inspire,
empower and connect women to the communities they visit.
The site launched in July, and women writers, teachers,
doctors, lawyers, bloggers and humanitarian aid workers
have submitted hundreds of essays and travel tip pieces.
Feature travel essays (500-1,200 words) are paid $50 upon
publication and feature travel tips and blog entries
(200-500 words) are paid $15.



The New Orleans Second Line is looking for experienced non-
fiction writers to contribute to a new online news site. The
website has an integrated content management system that is
newly developed to work with freelance writers. NOSL is a
brand-new organization with a mission of providing hyper-
local news, feature and entertainment content to residents
of the greater New Orleans metropolitan area, both online
and in print. Interested writers must have a working
knowledge of AP style, be willing to pitch topical story
ideas, and be willing to interact with editorial and
newsgathering staff on collaborative and long-term projects.
Compensation will vary based upon relevance of the article
subject to NOSL’s target audience and depth of professional
experience. All compensation is paid on publication.
Contact one of our editors via e-mail for more information.
Please include a résumé and relevant work samples. Pays
$40 to $200 per article.


Boone Dryden, Managing Editor
Email –

We are a diversity magazine looking to expand our network
of freelance writers. We are looking for writers of varying
ethnic, cultural, political, and economic backgrounds. This
includes Indian, African-American, Asian, Caucasian, et al.
Focuses on a variety of issues: social, political (we are
non-partisan), economic, educational, etc., etc. Stories
should be both nationally and regionally appealing. Our
region is the Midwest. We have a strong middle and working
class demographic, as well as a minority demographic, and
we are interested in writers that can be the voice of those
minorities. Send your most recent samples. Please also
consider sending pitches. Pays up to $150 per article.



West Coast writers and artists only. This means currently
living in AK, HI, WA, OR, or CA. We pay on acceptance an
honorarium of $50, regardless of length or genre, plus
seven author’s copies, for first North American serial
rights. We have published a wide range of poetry, fiction,
and nonfiction.



We invite authoritative and well-researched articles on
subjects relating to movies, videos, movie posters and
Hollywood collectibles and memorabilia. Each article
should be accompanied by several clear photographs, slides
or other artwork for possible publication with the article.
Either black and white or color photos may be submitted,
but color pictures are preferred. The length may vary,
but 500-1,500 words is usually suitable. Longer, more
in-depth articles with good, sharp photos, are worth more
to us. We will pay $50 to $150 for articles, depending on
the overall quality of the writing, research and photos.



Goldmine is the world’s largest marketplace for collectible
records, CDs, and music memorabilia covering rock & roll,
blues, country, folk, and jazz. Each issue features
articles on recording stars of the past and present with
discographies listing all known releases. Goldmine
publishes a bi-weekly print magazine, distributes a weekly
e-newsletter, and broadcasts streaming radio 24/7.

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