Freelance Markets Week of 9/29/08

Counting Blessings, Facing Challenges:
Parenting a Child with Special Needs

Seeks uplifting true stories about the ins and outs, ups
and downs, and blessings and challenges of parenting
children with special needs. The stories cover children of
all ages (birth to adult) and a wide range of developmental,
physical, and mental challenges. No matter how difficult
the experiences/emotions conveyed in a story might be, the
story MUST reveal a positive aspect, resolution, or outcome
and must be of comfort to parents of children with special
needs. Stories may be serious, humorous, insightful,
heartwarming, and/or inspiring. The majority of the stories
will be written by parents of children with special needs;
we will also consider stories written by adult children
with special needs and by close family members. Deadline:
September 30, 2008.  Stories must be true, original, uplifting,
and 1,000-2,000 words.



As the Number One natural pet magazine in North America,
we take pride in providing our readers with the
information they need to make wise health care choices
for their animal companions.  Our publication embraces
the entire holistic spectrum, from physical health
issues to the emotional and spiritual well being of
our animals.




We are the preeminent magazine resource for people who want
to enjoy food that is delicious and good for them. Our readers
are interested not only in cooking and nutrition science, but
also in the origins of food and social issues related to food
networks.  They appreciate eating culture and traditions. They
are well-read and discriminating–yet they don’t take themselves
too seriously. EatingWell’s “voice” is journalistic and
authoritative; it speaks to both men and women. We cover
nutrition with a newsy, science-based approach. Our recipes
emphasize high-quality healthful ingredients, simple
preparations and full flavor. Query first. Pays up to $1/word.



We publish mainly fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction. As
well, each issue contains a selection of reviews, and in these
we try to match book and reviewer. We occasionally publish
unsolicited reviews, but you should query us first. We publish
mostly Canadian writers, but are open to anyone writing in English.
We do not read manuscripts in January, July, August and December.
We pay $22 per printed page on publication, with a minimum of $25
for one page and a maximum of $500, and publication is within a
year of acceptance. We buy first North American serial print
rights; copyright reverts to the author after publication.



FACES� brings the world to kids. The coolest adventures await
young readers in each issue as they visit places and cultures
both far and near, explore new foods and customs, and meet other
kids all around the world.  FACES is the greatest traveling
companion for the curious kid.

Feature Articles: about 800 words covering in-depth nonfiction
highlighting an aspect of the featured culture, interviews,
and personal accounts.

Supplemental Nonfiction: 300-600 words including subjects
directly and indirectly related to the theme. Editors like
little-known information but encourage writers not to overlook
the obvious.

Fiction: up to 800 words including retold legends, folktales,
stories, and original plays from around the world, etc.,
relating to the theme.

The above three pay 20 to 25 cents per printed word.

Activities: up to 700 words. Includes crafts, games, recipes,
projects, etc., which children can do either alone or with
adult supervision. Should be accompanied by sketches and
description of how activity relates to theme.

Puzzles and Games: Crossword and other word puzzles using the
vocabulary of the issue’s theme. Mazes and picture puzzles that
relate to the theme.

Above pay on an individual negotiated basis.

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