Grants for Week 9/29/08


Deadline February 1, 2009.
Emerging and professional artists are eligible to apply for
support to expand or improve their own work or to share their
expertise with others. Organizations are eligible to apply for
support to create, expand or improve programs that support
individual artists. This can include the following:

  Self-designed apprenticeships (Joint application must be
filed by master and apprentice)

  Collaborations with peers or community organizations

  New equipment (excluding computers except where it is the
primary tool used)

  Materials to pursue new departures in artists’ work

  Costs of professional development workshops (travel,
registration fees, meals and lodging)

  Materials used for educational and community settings


(Click Guidelines for Funding)

The Commission maintains a roster of artists interested in
doing school and community residencies. These artists are
screened on the basis of artistic quality, professional
experience in their fields, and quality of their plans for
residency activities. The Roster includes the artistic
disciplines of architecture/design, computer art, crafts,
dance, film/video, folk arts, graphic art, music, poetry/
creative writing, theatre, and the visual arts. Residencies
may be from three full days to an entire school year. The
agency suggests paying at least $125 per day to artists,
but fees are negotiated directly with residency sponsors.
Residencies include core group workshops, at least one
formal teacher workshop, and performances, exhibitions, or
workshops for the full student body or for the public.



The only disciplines that are eligible to apply for 2009
funding are Performing, Literary, Music, and Dance Arts.
Visual Arts will be eligible in 2010. This grant is designed
for artists who are just starting their professional art career.
Amounts are available up to $500. For artists who are well-
established in their professional career, this grant is
available in amounts up to $2,000.

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