Publisher and Agents Week of 9/29/2008


We are currently accepting:

Short stories, novellas, and full-length manuscripts,
from 5,000-110,000 words. Mystery, sci-fi, paranormal,
historical, suspense, horror, women’s fiction, fantasy,
thrillers, erotica, gay and all sub genres of romance.
Submit your short story or a synopsis and the first three
chapters of your novel to our Senior Submissions Editor,
Fran Tann at . Eternal
Press pay 35% royalties to the Author for eBooks and 10%
for print. We hold all rights for 2 years from date of




Purchases world rights in all formats. We will work to sell
your subsidiary rights to a traditional print publisher on
your behalf, as well as in translation throughout the world.
We will pay you a percentage of any subsidiary-rights sale.
We are currently looking for new voices and story-tellers to
write erotic romance for our newly established company. Every
book must be a “dirty” romance, with a great love story and
passionate, explicit sex. While our stories do not have to
end happily- ever- after, we want the fantasy of “happy-for-
now” in every ending. Our novels run approximately 50,000 words
or 200 pages, no exceptions. Our short stories run between 10
and 25 pages or between 2,500 and 6,250 words. This is an
ebook publisher established by literary agents. They publish
the ebook and look to place your work with traditional print



Long Tale Press was founded by three writers with the goal
of publishing great stories, well told. Our unique approach
is to have actual readers look at submissions and tell us
what they would buy.  Writers get direct feedback during the
process, so you know where you stand and what it takes to
get through. For details, see our website.



Parlor Press is an independent publisher and distributor of
scholarly and trade books in high quality print and digital
formats. The Press will consider submissions from prospective
authors or literary agents, subject to the guidelines below or
as otherwise indicated on a series node. All submissions should
be targeted specifically for one of our existing book series.
We are interested in submissions whose focus and readership
crosses traditional boundaries in the humanities. Our existing
series cover this range of topics and genres:

writing, rhetoric, communication, philosophy, cultural studies,
film and cinema studies, pedagogy, technical writing, literary
theory, digital culture, multimedia, literacy, art and visual
rhetoric, travel writing, poetry (see Free Verse Editions).

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