The Itch

by David Dresner I figured all of them for the itch, and not the camp itch that our men have, but the seven year kind. Even the little one with the crescent moon scar from her temple to her chin: She had it too! There were children all over the house. Children hanging from oil lamps, fatherless and filthy, curled up on the floor, needing milk, medicine, climbing the pantry, needing more. They were looking at me like I was their pa, asking when the war was going to be over, asking me to stay, to help. I decided against … Continue reading The Itch

Shot on the Fourth of July

by David Dresner “Are you hurt badly?” Sherman asked me at the Creek. Mother, I can even remember your breasts. “I was ordered to take those works, Sir.” Father, I lost your watch along the way. “I’ve got a little job for you,” I told the good doctor. “Cut that leg off.” Sister, you were our mother after she flew away. “They were going to the front for glory and I was going to the rear disabled.” Brother, I will be your father after he is gone. “Then I cried like a child – yes, like a child!” God, you … Continue reading Shot on the Fourth of July

PUBLISHERS/AGENTS September 22, 2008

SOUTH END PRESS — We are interested in manuscripts that are accessible to a wide range of political activists, while being useful to an academic audience. We publish manuscripts on grassroots activism/knowledge-making that address structural inequalities/ inequities and support movement-building and political/policy change. We are especially committed to analyses that place socioeconomically disenfranchised, differently abled, and queer people, women, gender warriors, and communities of color at the center. ===== HEALTH PROFESSIONS PRESS — Publisher of state-of-the-art resources for professionals interested in wellness and aging, long-term care, eldercare, Alzheimer’s disease, and health care management. ===== GREYHAUS LITERARY AGENCY reading PUBLISHERS/AGENTS September 22, 2008

JOBS September 22, 2008

WEB EDITOR The Poetry Foundation Location Chicago. IL — is one of the leading websites for poetry in America. Its goal is to provide a major poetry resource on the Internet–a site unique on the Web for its breadth, depth, and quality of poetry and poetry-related offerings. Provide editorial direction to staff editors, producers, and consultants in order to publish the site’s frequently updated content. This includes acquiring and approving all articles and other content such as feature articles, podcasts, and other audio and visual features. B.A. degree or greater in English literature or computer- related studies ===== … Continue reading JOBS September 22, 2008

FREELANCE MARKETS September 22, 2008

US CATHOLIC — FEATURE ARTICLES cover issues such as prayer and spirituality, sacraments, liturgy, parish life, family life, social issues, public life, theology, everyday morality, and other aspects of an everyday Catholic’s life. Articles range from 2,500 to 4,000 words and should include general background on the topic and extensive interviews with people in the pew and experts. All articles should have an explicit religious dimension, enabling readers to see the interaction between their faith and the issue at hand. Minimum payment is $500. Other columns pay from $75 to $300 to include profiles, short stories, essays, news events, … Continue reading FREELANCE MARKETS September 22, 2008

GRANTS September 22, 2008

NORTHWEST INSTITUTE ITALY FELLOWSHIP — The Fellowship Program is NIAUSI’s major effort. Italy’s central role in the development of Western culture, provides a singular setting for recipients to participate in this rich tradition by studying continuity and change in Italian architecture, culture, art, and history. For 2009, Niausi is offering one fellowship for a residency of two months, and several fellowships for one month residencies at its Civita Institute, located in Civita di Bagnoregio, a unique and rustic hill town near Orvieto, approximately 100 kilometers north of Rome. Since its inception, NIAUSI has awarded more than 25 Fellowships, to … Continue reading GRANTS September 22, 2008