Employment/Jobs for Week 10/05/2008

Location Las Vegas, NV

This permanent position serves as a Public Affairs Specialist
for the Desert National Wildlife Refuge Complex, Southern Nevada
Field Office, Nevada Fire Management Zone, and the Southern
Nevada Agency Partnership (SNAP). SNAP is an interagency
partnership among the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), National
Park Service (NPS), U.S. Forest Service (USFS), and the U.S.
Fish and Wildlife Service that was established to coordinate
management of public lands in Southern Nevada. These offices
respond to numerous complex and controversial issues such as
endangered species, Federal projects, habitat conservation and
restoration, environmental contaminants, private lands, fire
management activities, and restoration of native fishes. The
incumbent provides information and outreach services to and
coordinates cooperative projects with the refuges within the
Desert National Wildlife Refuge Complex, Southern Nevada Field
Office, Nevada Fire Management Zone, and between SNAP and the
agency partners. Deadline October 17, 2008.


Location Indianapolis, IN

Deadline October 9, 2008. The primary purpose of the position
is to collect, assemble, prepare and disseminate information
concerning the various activities of the state’s National Guard.


Location Washington DC

Deadline October 10, 2008. Employing Agency: Alcohol and
Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. Write and edit content for
print (e.g., weekly and monthly activity reports, brochures,
correspondence, etc.) and for the Web on a variety of subjects
in a style and format that is suitable for the intended
audience. Record internal meetings and work group deliberations,
as well as, interagency and international conferences, and produce
summary reports. Manage Web content and work with content
providers in developing new online guidance and services.

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