DAVIS WAGER LITERARY AGENCY — Most interested in representing literary fiction and general- interest nonfiction. Please query by email with a description of the project and of yourself. If I want to see more, I will ask for your materials. ===== DOE COOVER LITERARY AGENCY — One agent prefers primarily non-fiction titles, with a concentration in cookbooks, business books, and books about health and social issues. Another is first and foremost interested in gifted storytelling, whether in literary fiction or narrative non-fiction, and is also interested in biography, business, psychology, health, sports, music, history, and politics. Another handles … Continue reading PUBLISHERS/AGENTS 10/13/2008

GRANTS 10/13/2008

HAVEN FOUNDATION — Must be a freelance artist or writer. Provides grants up to $25,000 per year. Renewable upon review. Must be committed to your work, having derived at least 1/3 of your income over the last three years from personal production, performance or other work in the industry. All work must be done in the United States. A person that makes a portion of his/her income in a related activity such as teaching classes relevant to his/her field may also be eligible for support. Must have experienced a recent, unforeseen emergency or triggering event that has significantly and … Continue reading GRANTS 10/13/2008


WRITER-EDITOR Location Washington DC — Deadline October 15, 2008. Employer Department Of Homeland Security. As Writer-Editor for the Secretary Production Staff, you will review, edit and finalize the written operational products generated by the Secretary Production Staff team to ensure accuracy and conformance with established standards for DHS Cabinet-level written products. You will work as part of a team developing, writing and publishing daily Operational Summaries containing accurate, complete and timely situational awareness pertaining to current DHS operations, from FEMA to the Coast Guard. ===== PUBLIC AFFAIRS SPECIALIST Location Monmouth, NJ — Deadline October 21, 2008. Employing Agency: … Continue reading JOBS/FREELANCE MARKETS 10/13/2008


SHOW DON’T TELL CONTEST — ENTRY FEE £10 Every writer has heard this phrase, but do we fully understand it? Don´t tell me Kate was terrified, show me terror and danger instead. The essence of show, don´t tell: leave your reader to make their own connections. £500 for first prize. Publication in the Rainy Days paperback. Keep the story between 1,200 – 3,500 words. Entries must be in English. Competition is open to anyone, including non-UK applicants, over 18 years. ===== RIVER & ROWING MUSEUM SHORT STORY CONTEST — NO ENTRY FEE To celebrate the centenary of ‘The … Continue reading AWARDS/CONTESTS/COMPETITIONS 10/13/2008