GRANTS 10/13/2008


Must be a freelance artist or writer. Provides grants up to
$25,000 per year. Renewable upon review. Must be committed
to your work, having derived at least 1/3 of your income over
the last three years from personal production, performance
or other work in the industry. All work must be done in the
United States. A person that makes a portion of his/her income
in a related activity such as teaching classes relevant to
his/her field may also be eligible for support. Must have
experienced a recent, unforeseen emergency or triggering event
that has significantly and adversely affected the qualified
person’s ability to produce, perform or market work.



Ruth Talaber Emergency Fund was established to provide aid to
Illinois artists who find themselves in need of immediate
monies to cover an expense due to loss from fire, theft, a
health emergency, or other catastrophic, career-threatening
event. To get more details about the application process,
please email



Arthouse has established the Emergency Relief Fund to provide
financial assistance to Texas artists who have experienced an
unforseen health or property disaster which prevents their
normal production of art. Applicants must be full time artists.

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