Location Washington DC

Deadline October 15, 2008. Employer Department Of Homeland
Security. As Writer-Editor for the Secretary Production Staff,
you will review, edit and finalize the written operational
products generated by the Secretary Production Staff team to
ensure accuracy and conformance with established standards
for DHS Cabinet-level written products. You will work as part
of a team developing, writing and publishing daily Operational
Summaries containing accurate, complete and timely situational
awareness pertaining to current DHS operations, from FEMA to
the Coast Guard.


Location Monmouth, NJ

Deadline October 21, 2008. Employing Agency: Army Communications
Electronics Command. The duties of this position include
researching, writing and editing articles, recommending news
and feature assignments for other public affairs specialists
in the office. You will review photographs, artwork and
illustrative material for composition and quality and determine
use in installation publications. You will plan and develop a
wide variety of programs for use by various news media, respond
to news media inquiries and provide information in various print
and electronic formats.


Location Natick, MA (Six positions)

Deadline October 24, 2008. You will be expected to provide
technical expertise to writers/editors and illustrators. You
will be able to write procedures and format Army Technical
Manuals as well as Joint Service Technical Manuals. You will
also authenticate commercial technical manuals for military
use. Employing Agency: Army Tank-Automotive & Armament Command.


Tell us about the people who call this destination home,
the treasured regional customs, or the places where locals
hang out. We want to smell the aromas, taste the food,
explore the streets and walk down hidden paths. Go World
Travel aims to help our readers experience a destination.
Feature word length is 900-1,200. Pay is between $25 and
$40 upon publication for nonexclusive online rights.
Departments 500-800 words that pay $15 to $25.



Arkham Tales is predominantly a showcase of original
short fiction, encompassing pulp adventure, weird horror
(including Lovecraftian influence, obviously), and the
fantastic. “Straight” science fiction, murder mystery,
etc., will be rejected unless there is a weird or fantastic
element. There is no length limit, but realize that a long
story will have to be better than the two or three shorter
stories it would replace. Arkham Tales is not a venue for
fan-fiction or continuations of other writers’ characters
or worlds. Payment is 1 cent per word, paid prior to
publication, for first worldwide electronic rights,
exclusive for one year from date of publication. All
payments are made via PayPal.



Stories may be any length up to 5,000 words. All
approaches to the theme are welcome, as long as they
are by nature speculative. Payment will be contributors’
copies plus $10 for stories under 1,500 words and $25 for
all others based on published word count. The editors will
be pleased to see poetry and flash fiction as well as short
stories. These will be paid at the rate of $5 for items
less than two typeset pages. Poems longer than two pages
will be paid at the applicable short story rate. Deadline
October 31, 2008.



The overall theme should involve short stories of Male/Female
love and romance. These stories may be contemporary, historic,
inspirational, paranormal, or any other theme as long as love
and romance are the main thrust of the story. Story length
should range from 3,000 to 5,000 Words. All stories must contain
within the attached document a story synopsis proceeding the body
of the work. When submitting stories via e-mail, please include
the story title within the SUBJECT line. We will buy first
global publishing rights and electronic and Internet rights in
all languages as well as future anthology rights. You may not
resell your story before it is published in Love Stories
Magazine. After you sign the release we will issue a payment
of $300 to you ON PUBLICATION along with complimentary copies
of the magazine.



Shock Totem is a new dark fantasy/horror e-zine launching
in 2009. Fiction and non-fiction will be published bi-weekly,
on an alternating schedule, from which we’ll choose the most
memorable writings for our annual paperback anthology.
We pay 1 cent per word for our online publication, with a
$10 minimum and $50 cap. Payment will be made within 30
days after publication. We pay 3 to 5 cents a word for
exclusive stories (not previously featured on the website).
All authors will be considered for publication in the
anthology and–if selected–receive one paperback copy of
the published collection.



We are always interested in new short stories. If you
have authored short stories that entertain and/or lift,
we would love to hear from you. is
a family oriented site with content for children, youth,
and adults. We will only consider stories we consider to
be child-safe. Child-safe is a judgment we make that a
story is safe for children to read. Stories between 50
and 7,500 words. Pays $5 to $20 (US) paid on publication
for the written story. Pays $5 (US) paid on publication
for the audio story.

Children’s Stories
Young Adult
True Stories and Based on True Stories
Science Fiction/Fantasy
Rhyming Stories



Gifted Hands Writing welcomes articles by contributors
from all over the world. Submissions must be made in
English, via e-mail. Hard copies sent via regular mail
are not considered for publication. If an article is
accepted, we will let you know within one month. Payment
is $20 for a 1,500-2,000-word article. Payment is made
within six weeks of acceptance. Accepted articles will be
published on the Gifted Hands Writing website. Byline is


Canadian Newcomer Magazine welcomes freelance submissions of
stories, photos, illustrations, puzzles, quizzes and cartoons.
Pays ten to thirty cents/word. Thirty cents goes to well-
pitched and presented features that tie into the theme.
The mission of the magazine is to connect the region’s diverse
ethnic communities in Canada using one voice and language by
providing free information, advice, entertainment and
encouragement to new immigrants.



Wend is namely interested in first person accounts of literate
adventure travel with a social/anthropological/environmental
awareness that permeates throughout the story. Our stories are
about ordinary people doing extraordinary things, not
extraordinary people doing ordinary things. We give a lot of
space to our features to give the writer a chance to really
express him or herself, and take our readers along for the
ride. All departments pay 25 cents a word, plus photos.



Reading Today invites readers to submit articles on a broad
variety of topics relating to reading and reading education.
Since Reading Today is mailed to all members of the International
Reading Association, the newspaper tries to address the needs
and interests of an audience involved in education at all
levels from pre-K through adult education in 100 countries
throughout the world. The shorter the article, the greater the
chance there is that we can use it. Articles of more than 1,000-
1,500 words are rarely used; about 500-800 words is much better.
We pay between 10 cents per word and 30 cents per word, depending
upon the article. Payment will be made soon after acceptance, and
articles usually are published within six months to one year after

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