Paste magazine is a monthly publication focusing on music, film, books and other forms of arts and entertainment. We focus on a variety of musical genres—rock, singer/songwriters,, Americana, indie rock, world music, electronica and whatever else we think will grab music-lovers seeking something a little deeper. Paste strives to cover the best music in this eclectic mix, devoting space to independent musicians alongside more established artists. Cover stories – 3,000 to 4,500 words; Features – 1,500 to 4,000 words; front of book pieces – 50 to 800 words; Film Reviews – 200-500 words; Book Reviews – 200-500 words; CD reviews – 100 to 800 words. Pays about 25 cents/word.



We are always eager to receive suggestions for stories from our readers.  Mail, e-mail or fax (912-525-0611) your ideas or press releases to the attention of the editor.  We encourage writers to submit queries and manuscripts for consideration. Submissions should include samples of previously published work and a brief description of the idea. Savannah Magazine publishes articles about local people and events in and around the Savannah area of interest to residents of the city, Chatham County and the surrounding region. Pays up to$350.



There are three Departments in the front of the magazine, each running up to 10 short pieces, each from 50 to 250 words, usually with one photo or illustration. The three sections deal with people (Life & Style), property (Hot
Hot Property) and items for the home (Buy By Design). Features should be a topic relevant to the whole region, or several countries within it, and to gain a prominent position in the magazine it should lend itself to beautiful photography. We are open to hard-hitting environmental stories that tell the truth about environmental situations in the region. Some topics planned include the rape of Indonesia forests and the near-extinction of the Javan and Sumatran rhinos. We are looking for more strong topics, and can give authors long lead times to allow good research. Features fees average between US $200 to US $450 for stories of 1,200 to 2,000+ words.


Motherwords is an irreverent, realistic look at motherhood. We’re looking for submissions that capture the true essence of motherhood and serve as a “neighborhood” where mothers can share experiences and connect with one another. Motherwords will pay a very small fee for submissions.


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Local Kansas City women’s magazine seeking writers to publish articles monthly. Our topics include beauty, health, fine things, recipe, culinary, mother’s perspective, green living, home, working women, travel, and pets for people. We do not accept articles. Topics are assigned monthly. You must be a published writer. The pay is ten cents/word and the articles are about
800 words.



Please be advised that we only publish Canadian writers, whether living at home or abroad. We pay, on publication, $200 for a short story, $200 for an essay, $30 per poem or “postscript” story. We ask for first Canadian rights to anything we publish. Copyright remains with the author. Please send no more than 1 short story, 3 poems, or 1 postscript story (under 3 pages) at a time.



What instantly sets Zoland Poetry apart from other anthologies is that all the work is previously unpublished and the translations are presented as an integral part of the contemporary poetry scene, rather than as something exotic slipped between the pages of a book filled primarily with English-language poets. Equal footing is given to voices from Italy, Iran, Argentina, Poland, and across the United States. Deadline March 15, 2009. Up to ten pages. Payment for poetry submissions is $25/page with a maximum of $200. Buys First World Rights.


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Backroads Magazine is currently looking for writers that have experience in short story, factual, event-based and/or editorial. Backroads is a new premier motorcycle magazine that will have various articles relating to the motorcycle enthusiast. If you ride, that’s a plus. Looking for serious writers only. Pays up to $200.



Payment is £5 in exchange for: 1-4 poems, 1 short story, 1-2 flash fictions, or 1-4 images. Payment will be made by PayPal. From writers and artists we seek work that is beautiful, shocking, intense and memorable. Darker pieces
are generally favoured over humorous ones, and rhyming poetry is discouraged. We are not completely averse to more innocent or whimsical creations, but they should be a good fit for the aesthetic of the magazine. Genre work is welcome, but should not be clichéd or genre-typical. Experimentation is encouraged.



NV magazine’s mission is to educate, inform, inspire and entertain today’s most exciting and successful generation; urban professionals, entrepreneurs and forward-thinkers. NV reflects the energy, style and vision of today’s young professionals. Pays ten cents/word.



Looking for fresh, interesting, original material for novelty buttons, magnets and stickers. You’ll find our stuff cutting edge in gift shops, bookstores, music stores, gay and left wing shops, etc. Looking for satirical slogans about pop culture, politics, the president, job attitudes, women’s and men’s issues, coffee, booze, pot, drugs, religion, food, aging, teens, gays and lesbians, sexual come-ons and put-downs. Looking for high impact gems of wit stated in as few words as possible. Pays $50 per submission for all rights.

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