Globo Libros is a literary agency specializing in the burgeoning Hispanic market.



We are especially interested in receiving non-fiction projects with a wide range of topics, including narrative non-fiction, popular culture, arts and culture, theater and performance, sports, travel, celebrity, biography, politics, memoir, history, new media and multi-ethnic. We are actively seeking writers of literary fiction and commercial fiction-mysteries and suspense, thrillers, mainstream literary fiction, historical fiction, women’s fiction, humor and satire and graphic novels. We will also seek writers in the genre of young audiences: middle grade and teen.



Ellipsis Press is interested in novels that are structurally innovative. We like novels that look normal but aren’t (more than those that look weird but are actually quite normal); those that are successful at bypassing or evolving the seemingly necessary but often tired elements of character and/or plot; and those that respond in some way to the history of the novel as genre and form. Writers who have studied the traditional elements of the novel and experimented with them to emotionally moving and/or extraordinary ends are invited to submit for publication.

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