Inspirations is a lifestyle and gardening magazine for customers
of several leading garden centers located around the country. It
appeals to the readers’ desire to beautify their homes and yards
and to create welcoming spaces for entertaining and relaxing with
friends and family. Writers do not need any special expertise in
gardening or landscaping. While there is hands-on gardening
content and information about plants, Inspirations is very much
about living well, especially outdoors. Its tone, structure, and
composition appeal to readers, mostly women, who are looking for
practical, time-saving, and novel ideas to enhance their garden



The eight-page newsletter offers short articles covering the
trends and issues affecting the collections industry, as well
as personal finance and general lifestyle stories. The
publication is designed to help its audience of payment
professionals be more productive and improve their performance.
Writers should be aware that Professional Collector is a
promotional publication, and that its content must support
the overall marketing goals of Western Union. Articles
typically vary in length from 200 to 800 words and may be
subject to heavy editing prior to publication.



Fresh magazine is the publication of Hannaford Brothers Co.
for its supermarket customers. A chain of more than 150 stores
throughout New England and New York state, Hannaford is
headquartered in Maine. The magazine conveys our passion for
food, for cooking, and for doing the most with products
available at the markets. Articles available for freelancers
are all recipe driven. Only writers who are experienced recipe
developers should submit queries, and all recipes must be
original recipes developed specifically for the publication.
Features vary each issue and include about 400 words of text
plus four to six recipes. Articles are usually seasonal, such
as grilling in July/August, apple recipes in September/October,
holiday fare in November/December. Queries for features should
consider the time of year that the article would appear.


MENSBOOK JOURNAL is dedicated to informing and entertaining
unusually bright gay men who crave more from gay media.
Our publication comes to our readers in the form of a book,
but our style is best described as a hybrid between a
magazine and journal–combining an engaging writing style
with occasional scholarly rigor. We seek lifestyle stories
about interesting single gay men and gay couples and are
interested in publishing inspirational stories; e.g.,
stories of courage, determination, stamina; come-backs;
men who have faced the odds and triumphed. We like to
visit successful men in their work, at play, and in their
home lives. We publish thoughtful criticism on books, media,
sports, politics, social issues, music, the environment.
We are interested in publishing short story fiction.
Pays up to ten cents/word.



Mindful Mama(TM) is committed to a healthy, sustainable
future for mom, baby and the planet. Our publishing goals
are to educate, enlighten and encourage our readers. We
welcome articles on the following themes:

1. Pregnancy
2. Preparing for baby
3. Labor and Delivery
4. Life with Baby

Please query before submitting an article. Indicate
the availability of photos or artwork that relates to your
subject/article. Due to the high volume of queries received,
we regretfully cannot respond to each one. If we are
interested in your story idea, an editor will contact you
within 6 weeks. We are especially interested in writers
that are experts in their fields, seasoned parents and birth
professionals. Health and sustainability should be at the
heart of every article. We want our writers to project a
compelling and knowing voice that captures the experience
of pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood. Features run
approximately 1,000-2,000 words and departments run 500-800.
Compensation varies depending on the type of feature,
length, depth of research, etc. We buy all rights to
manuscripts, although copyright is returned to the author
180 days after publication. We pay within 90 days of final



Wander through the pages of Create & Decorate magazine
and discover the freshest craft and country decorating
projects. Let us guide your endeavors in punch needle,
rug hooking, paper crafting, painting, and stitching
creative designs that will spruce up your home. Find
inspiration in feature articles that explore artists’
livelihoods and lifestyles, take you on an antique
junking journey, spark your gardening vision, or introduce
you to a new recipe.



PaintWorks offers complete painting projects in varied
mediums with full-size patterns, as well as exclusive
columns including:


  • Behind the Scenes–everything a painter needs to know
  • Working with Watercolors–an ongoing watercolor primer
  • On Track with Trends–keep up to date with the industry
  • Homespun Elegance–Rebecca Baer provides a special recipe
  • Second Time Around–turn garage sale finds into treasures
  • Painter’s Profile–meet the artists behind the projects
  • =====


As a how-to magazine, we aim to teach our readers principles
and techniques for painting; lay foundations that encourage
readers to develop their creativity; inform readers of new
ideas, products, and trends within the industry; and present
as wide a variety of projects as space, editorial focus,
and audience interest allow. The projects presented in
Quick & Easy Painting® are geared toward the beginning
painter and the more experienced painter who wants to
paint a “quick” project. Must submit photos first for
consideration of a project.



Carving Magazine(TM) is filled with quality instruction for
all experience levels, inspiring photographs, interesting
stories, and carving projects that satisfy a wide range of
experience levels and carving styles.



The Quilter® Magazine offers quilters a wide variety
of projects ranging from small and easy quilts to full-
size traditional and contemporary designs. With regular
features and informative articles, each issue actively
inspires readers to try new techniques. The Quilter pays
$150 – 250 per article for first North American Rights
for original, hitherto unpublished, articles. For quilts,
pillows, and other projects, payment is made at a flat
rate of $175 – $300 per project.

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