We like stories that scare us. We like the macabre-monsters
and magic and men with nothing to lose. More than anything,
we like to be intrigued and entertained. We started the press
to bring the best of the world’s scary and strange stories to
life and to light. Call it the new weird, or fantasy, or dark
fantasy. Call it what you want. We like reading by flashlight
under the covers at night. We want to make books you can’t put



Lone Pine Publishing is creating a library of books that
celebrates the diversity and character of our own backyards.
Our interest in nature, outdoor recreation and popular history
has led us to publish titles of local relevance to enrich our
appreciation of who we are as a people and a place.



Veritas is a full-service literary agency specializing in
select literary and contemporary fiction and nonfiction.
Founded on the premise that literature is one of the best
carriers of truth–both emotional and literal–in the world
today, the agency cultivates strong, innovative books that
extend the boundaries of thought and expression.

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