Say Yes Once in a While

by Jacob Martin  Monterey, California  I totally overshopped, which made the walk home harder: the plastic bags I carried sagged and caused my arms to burn. (When would I learn to accept a ride from a friend?) I felt like one of the geese who sometimes cross the street despite being built to fly, their plump bodies teetering on black, webbed feet; you would think that drivers would work the geese into the asphalt like everything else that got in the way, but somehow they held the power to break the fast flow of cars. The closest thing I have … Continue reading Say Yes Once in a While

Dead Kennedys “Rock Against Politics”

Thu Oct 30, 2008 at 03:28:05 PM Rocking against Regan in 1984. (John Spath) This week’s Echoes and Reverberations installment comes with an accompanying slideshow courtesy of John Spath. Check it out here.   In the spirit of the presidential election, let’s reflect upon that memorable week when radical protest art and conservative politics collided on the streets of our hometown. All eyes were on Us: It was August of 1984 and The City That Killed Kennedy was once again the center of the American socio-political universe. For years we had been sweating bullets at the scene of the crime; … Continue reading Dead Kennedys “Rock Against Politics”