Note our upcoming issue themes: Spring 2009, closing early
December 2008: Green/Eco Summer 2009, closing early March
2009: Americas Fall 2009, closing early June 2009: Mediterranean
Winter 2009, closing early September 2009: Winter Wonderlands”?
Pitches that get attention have a definite interesting angle.
They have also been researched and include a detailed description
of the story idea, format, style, goal and angle. A magazine
on the ever-expanding field of gay and lesbian travel.


SOUTHERN ACCENTS,15381,1038406,00.html

Five overall subject areas (interiors, gardens, art and
antiques, entertaining, architecture) define the content of
each issue. Divided into features and regular columns, stories
depicting each of these areas are included in all three
sections of the magazine — front-of-book, well (the middle
section, with no advertising), and back-of-book. We are happy
to consider a well-developed idea expressed in a query letter.
Assigning editors will contact the writer within three months
if Southern Accents decides to pursue an idea. Ten percent
kill fee.



Maxey, LLC
Attn: New Submissions
P.O. Box 701
Moorestown, NJ 08057

New greeting card company seeks freelance writers for adults
and children suffering with cancer. Looking for traditional
greetings as well as humorous and spiritual. Please send
greeting on an index card with your contact information on
the back. Pays $75 per verse.


There is no limit to our scope and we cover just about
everything that can be funny including politics, news,
relationships, food, technology, pets, work, death,
environmental issues, business, religion, seasonal events
and everything else relating to the general human
condition. We pay $25-40 for cartoons based on reproduced
size and $60 for stories.



Perdido is a magazine devoted to examining organizational
life in all its forms. “Leadership with a Conscience”
means that we are concerned with what’s happening in
organizations that are mission-oriented–as opposed to
merely profit-oriented. Perdido is focused on helping
conscientious leaders put innovative ideas into practice.
We seek articles on management techniques as well as
essays on social issues. Perdido publishes essays,
investigative pieces, interviews/profiles, book excerpts,
and reviews on a variety of topics–a common thread being
the questioning of easy answers and examining issues from
a socially-aware, progressive perspective. We accept
queries with published clips for feature articles. If
you are interested in writing a book review, please send
a sample book review (published or unpublished) and your
resume. Features of 1500-5000 words are paid at the rate
of between five to seven cents/word upon publication.
Book reviews are paid a flat rate of $75 upon publication.



Story ideas should be related to native wildlife, natural
areas, reserves or sanctuaries in California. Where
possible in a story (and if it applies), provide
information on what the Department of Fish and Game is
doing with the species or situation. No more than 1,500
to 2,000 words.

2,000-2,500 words $200
1,500-2,000 words $175
1,000-1,500 words $150
500-1,000 words $100



Clarkesworld Magazine is looking for commentaries and essays
of interest to readers of science fiction, fantasy, and
horror for a new monthly feature. We are interesed in
narrative journalism, cultural criticism, trend essays,
explications of science for non-scientists, essays on the
writing process and the reading experience, and even memoir,
and pay 10¢ a word up to our word limit of 2500 words.



Family Digest Magazine is a magazine for Black Moms and
Dads; helping them get more out of their roles as wife,
mother, father, husband, home-manager – with special
emphasis on areas of interest to Black Americans.
Editorial coverage includes parenting, health, love &
marriage, family finances, recipes, and beauty & style…
all designed to appeal to our target reader. Most of our
readers are married with kids.



An online magazine geared towards the needs of IT
professionals who are certified or are seeking certification.
Book/Study Material Reviews: 400-600 word review of a
technology book, CD training guide, or combination thereof.
$75 (reviews) to $200 to $300 (in-depth features).
Tips Articles: 1,000- to 1500-word article containing tips
for passing a specific test or accomplishing a specific
task: e.g., “Top 10 Tips for Passing the XXX Exam” or
“10 Tips for Balancing Your Network Traffic.”

Exam Spotlight: 1,000- to 1,700-word article giving insight
on a particular certification exam.

Features: We are seeking a variety of features, including:
  — Overview of a certification or certification area. 
  — Trend articles on happenings in the certification world. 
  — 1st-person story on how one conquered a particular
     technical problem. 
  — High-level how-to technology articles instructing users
     on how to complete a specific task or implement a particular
  — Profiles of people of interest to the certification/IT
  — Career pieces specific to IT professionals. 



Music For The Love Of It is written for adult amateur and
professional musicians. It aims to communicate solid
information and stimulating ideas in an accessible style,
and to promote amateur participation in the arts, especially
music-making. If you want to discuss your ideas for an
article, please call Ted Rust, editor, at 510/654-9134,
preferably 9am-5pm PDT. Our typical readers are mature, well
educated, and musically literate. Some are highly accomplished
musicians, all are great enthusiasts. Many of them have taken
up or returned to music as adults, and are eager to make up
for lost time. They include choral, orchestral, operatic,
chamber, jazz, rock and folk musicians as well as composers
and conductors. Please write to interest musicians in general,
even if your topic is specialized. Pays up to $50.

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