NONFICTION. Major articles run 500 to 1,500 words; payment is
$400 to $1,500. Subject matter is broad. We cover everything
from professional sports to American history to how to pack a

FICTION. Our short stories run 1,000 to 1,500 words. Payment
is $750 and up. All stories feature a boy or boys. We use humor,
mystery, science fiction and adventure. We run one or two short
stories per issue. Occasionally, stories are specifically written
for ages 6 to 10 (low-demographic issue) and for ages 11 to 18
(high-demographic issue).



Girls’ Life is open to pitches in nearly every section of the
magazine, and the front of the book is a great place to start,
with short, 850-word, one-page features. The feature well is
also freelance-friendly and stories–if they’re not in quiz
form–usually run about 1,200-1,500 words. Girls’ Life is
one of the last magazines that publishes YA fiction.
These 3,000-word short stories publish in the back of the book
and the editors will consider any story that is relatable to
teens. Most stories center on a friendship, a family situation,
or a crush, but the magazine has published some wildly original
pieces as well. $350 for the front-of-book one-page pieces;
the rate goes up from there for features.



Become a world traveler – no passport needed. FACES® brings
the world to kids. The coolest adventures await young readers
in each issue as they visit places and cultures both far and
near, explore new foods and customs, and meet other kids all
around the world. FACES is the greatest traveling companion
for the curious kid. FACES is packed with breathtaking
photography, fun activities, folk tales, and an art connection.
It’s the next best thing to traveling the planet. Pays
20-25 cents/word.


Horror, Fantasy, & Sci Fi, and all things Paranormal.
Editorial tastes tend to lean towards less hack and
slash and more building of tension through good plotting
and character development. I don’t want to see what’s
been done a hundred times already. Be original at all
cost. Everything, living or inanimate, has a story to
tell, and if you tell your tale well, a reader will
believe anything. A good story, no matter how “out
there,” should always ring true. Each submission must
be 3,500 to 15,000 words and must be submitted within
the open submission period, via email, as a Word attachment.
Pays flat rate of $25 per story for 1st Electronic
Publication Rights, which include pdf. and web posting
of any kind.



Dirt Rag is a non-glossy magazine written by and for real
people who ride their bikes offroad. We publish seven
issues per year. Submissions to Dirt Rag are highly
encouraged. Pays ten cents/word.



1,000 words or fewer flash fiction pieces – Dogs: Wet &
Dry – A Collection of Canine Flash Fiction. These stories
will run from humorous to heartfelt to quirky. The topic
range is open: from dog rescue, training, and adoption to
companionship, communication, and behavior. Accepted pieces
will receive $50 when the book is published, plus one copy
of the anthology. Send submissions (please, no profanity
or animal abuse) in the body of the e-mail along with a
short bio (100 words or less) in third person. Deadline
December 1, 2008.



Feature articles should be in the range of 1,000 to 1,500
words. Items in the 300 to 500-word range will be considered
for the news section (Pre-Flight). Longer articles are
generally reserved for more technical or historical
subjects. $50 for the first time North American rights of
articles selected for publication $20 for short article
(our Logbook Section) for balloon events that have recently
taken place. $100-200 for articles used on a specific subject,
and may provide assistance in researching the subject.



Hobby Farms is a general-circulation magazine, directed
to hobby and small farmers, or those simply living (or
wishing to live) in the country. Hobby farmers are
homesteaders, as well as those living in rural areas near
larger, suburban areas. They raise traditional livestock
and alternative livestock such as alpacas, llamas, emus,
Jacob sheep, Scotch Highland cattle and other rare breeds.
The magazine caters to all aspects of rural living–from small
farm equipment to country cooking–with an emphasis on the
issues relevant to small and hobby farmers. We pay between
$400 and $500 for feature articles; “Happenings” articles
receive $50 to $75 per piece. Articles accompanied by high-
quality photographs or illustrations are paid additionally
for any material used.



Published ten times a year by the Nebraska Game and Parks
Commission. Subject matter includes all varieties of outdoor
recreation including camping, travel, canoeing, hunting,
fishing, Nebraska’s state parks and recreation areas, wildlife,
natural history, unique personalities, art, culture, history
and personal reminiscence. All articles have a strong Nebraska
association. The magazine welcomes freelance submissions and
pays 15 cents/word of edited text. Freelance submissions for
photographs are also welcome, and pay the following rates:
Front cover, $250; Inside front cover, $150; Back cover, $100;
and $125 per individual page.



Book reviews (400-800 words) $50. A Place In Mind (~800
words) $100. Knots and Bolts (400-700 words) $50. Poems $25. 
Features ten cents/word. The mission of Northern Woodlands
is to encourage a culture of forest stewardship in the
Northeast by increasing understanding of and appreciation
for the natural wonders, economic productivity, and
ecological integrity of the region’s forests.

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