Original articles are usually assigned to regular contributors
to the magazine. We do not accept or return unpublished
manuscripts. We do, however, accept one-page queries that
clearly detail the article idea–with special emphasis on
the arc of the story, your interview access to the main
characters, your access to special documents, etc. We look
for dramatic narratives, articles about everyday heroes,
crime dramas, adventure stories. Do include a separate page
of your writing credits. Please email your article proposal
queries to No fiction.
Reprints can be paid up to $400.



Southwest Fly Fishing magazine is a destination specific
publication to be viewed as an inspiring, collectible
reference of Southwest angling destinations. Feature article
length should be 2,500 to 3,500 words. Departments run 250
to 750 words.

Feature Articles – $400 to $600
Southwest Fly Tying – $250               
Notes, News & Reviews – $100 to $150
Conservation – $150
Guide Flies – $ 50



Topics relating to communication and leadership are endless,
and it’s the magazine’s mission to explore those topics to
the benefit of readers worldwide. Our readers are knowledgeable
and experienced public speakers; therefore we accept only
authentic, well-researched and well-crafted stories. Show,
don’t tell! Use sources, quotes from experts and other
research to back up your views. Article length should be from
700 to 2,000 words. We need articles related to the fields of
communication and leadership, on topics members can use in
their self-improvement efforts. Appropriate topics include
speaking techniques, leadership development, language use,
club management principles, and profiles of famous speakers.


GRAND celebrates the vital spirit and active life of
today’s grandparents. We seek snappy, entertaining,
insightful and informative features and department
articles, all of which focus on some aspect of being
a grandparent. GRAND is not a magazine for “old” people;
we are not interested in articles on aging. We are
interested in original, well-written pieces on experiences,
techniques, solutions, and ideas for grandparents – from
grands who have full-time custody of their grandchildren
to those who live long distances. We use material from
75-800 words, and we pay on a range of from $25 to $250
for a first-time GRAND author.



Prior to writing a story and posting it you may send the
Gazette Editorial Board a short sketch of your proposed
story or article, to make sure that nothing in it conflicts
with “established canon” before you start expending the time
and effort to write it. Keep it SHORT. (No more than 500
words.) You can email the sketch to the Editorial Board at: . Your story/article will then be subjected
to discussion and commentary by participants in the 1632
discussion. In essence, it will get chewed on by what amounts
to a very large, virtual writers’ group. You do not need to
wait until you’ve finished the story to start posting it in
“1632 Slush.” In fact, it’s a good idea not to wait, because
you will often find that problems can be spotted early in
the game, before you’ve put all the work into completing
the piece. While this is happening, the Grantville Gazette
Editorial Board and the editor, Paula Goodlett, will be
keeping an eye on the discussion. Paula will buy stories
from those, which seem to her to best fit the magazine.
If selected, pay rates are six cents a word for any story
or article up to 15,000 words long. A story or article which
exceeds fifteen thousand words will be paid at the rate of five
cents a word for anything that goes beyond 15,000 words. (In
other words, you’ll always get the six cent rate for the first
15,000 words, no matter how long the story winds up being.)



Baby Corner is an online magazine for expectant and new
parents. Content is updated weekly and includes articles
relating to the early stages of family life. Currently
looking for freelance writers to write articles between
500 and 800 words on the following topics:

Fertility & Conception
Pregnancy & Childbirth

Some assignments will include article rewrites.
$35 per article. Payments by check or PayPal are made to
the writer the same day the article is published (usually
on Mondays).



All articles must have a strong “How-to” focus. We want
readers to come away from an article thinking, “Now I
understand how to do that!” Watch out for “why-to” articles
— as in “why” it’s important to have a good query letter
but not how you write one. We use articles between 800 and
2,000 words, with a preference for the 1,000-1,500 word range.
We never use short pieces (e.g., 500 words). Please don’t
try to sell us a piece on “everything you need to know
about writing a novel in 800 words or less.” It can’t be
done. Payment: 5 cents per word for original articles, to
a maximum of $100 (articles over 2,000 words are paid $100);
$25 for reprints; $15 for humor. Payment on acceptance. We
will also exchange advertising space for articles.



These serious or hilarious, oh so true stories will touch
your heart and make you see that even in the most difficult
situations, other families are not all that different from
your own. Share your stories with others who may realize we
all have the same in-laws, siblings, parents, etc. Submit
under your real name, but rest assured we expect most of
you to use pen names for publication and change the names
of family members to protect the innocent (or guilty!).
The deadline date for story submissions is June 30, 2009.
Pay usually $200.



Teenagers can do the most amazing and positive things.
They can overcome obstacles and make wonderful
contributions to the world. Do you know a teenager who
has made a difference? We are looking for stories about
these terrific teens. The deadline date for story
submissions is December 31, 2008. Pay usually $200.

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