GRANTS 11/24/08


The SLF Older Writers Grant is awarded annually to a writer who
is fifty years of age or older at the time of grant application,
and is intended to assist such writers who are just starting to
work at a professional level. We are currently offering one $750
grant annually, to be used as the writer determines will best
assist his or her work.

This grant will be awarded by a committee of SLF staff members
on the basis of merit. Factors considered will include:
a short (less than 500 words) autobiographical statement,
describing the writer and his/her work thus far; be sure to
include date of birth; a writing sample (up to 10 pages of
poetry, 10 pages of drama, or 10,000 words of fiction or
creative nonfiction — if sending a segment of a novel, novella,
or novelette, please include a one-page synopsis as well);
a bibliography of previously-published work by the author
(no more than one page, typed); applicants need not have
previous publications to apply. If awarded the grant, the
recipient agrees to provide a brief excerpt from their work,
and an autobiographical statement describing themselves and
their writing (500-1,000 words) for our files, and for possible
public dissemination on our website.



Modest Needs is a nonprofit organization reaching out to hard-
working individuals and families who suddenly find themselves
faced with small, emergency expenses that they have no way to
afford on their own. Even if you are not in need, visit this
website. You can donate and earn points, then choose the
individual you wish your donation to go toward. Very interesting



Begins the first of September and ends the first of December. 
During this period of time, the Smith/McCullers Fellow will
reside in a spacious private apartment in Carson McCullers’
childhood home, the Smith-McCullers House.  The Fellow will
be provided with a stipend of $5,000 to cover costs of
transportation, food and other incidentals. Fellowship
recipients will be required to introduce or advance their
work through reading or workshop/forum presentations. The
Fellow will work with the McCullers Center Director to plan
a presentation near the end of the residency. Location
Columbus, GA.

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