Small, flexible, independent and fast-moving, Crème de la
Crime specializes in high-quality original crime fiction.
We publish up to six new crime novels a year – gritty,
tightly-paced, well-written and suspense-packed books with
high production values, aimed at discerning crime fans.
Our goals are to introduce new crime writers to the UK book
market – previously unpublished novelists, or established
authors who want to switch to crime writing, and to provide
a platform for writers who want to expand the boundaries of
the crime genre. We encourage authors to experiment: unusual
locations, mould-breaking characters, and cross-genre elements
are all of great interest to us.



Perseverance publishes mysteries in the mainstream tradition
of the Golden Age, when explicit violence and gore were not
part of the canon. We will not publish what some call “slice-
and-dice” books, with graphic mutilation, horrific torture,
violence against children, and so on. Nor will we dwell on
the sordid or show only the worst face of humanity. We want
our mysteries to provide an escape for the reader, not a
duplication of what increasingly fills newscasts as well as
movies and television. Our books range from soft-boiled to
semi-hardboiled, but they won’t give readers nightmares.
Violence is an inescapable part of crime fiction, but our
books do not portray it in excruciating detail.



Midnight Ink is a fresh new voice in mystery fiction. Aiming
to satisfy readers of all tastes, we are committed to
publishing suspenseful tales of all types: hard-boiled
thrillers, cozies, historical mysteries, amateur sleuth
novels, and more.

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