Carelessly Dated

Carelessly Dated by Ray Succre    Dust spans this tape appending my hand- this mollycoddled tape in a vast, no longer taping place.  There is no player of tapes in my home, yet this old tape is my first, labeled with a date that’s near my eleventh birthday, a mixture from radio, a tape I heard until its songs warped and the voices muffled into meld and hiss.  Now I prepare for middle man row and young men wager the young, violet air in place of my own, its case in my chest exhaling, and now I prepare for the … Continue reading Carelessly Dated


Mania by Ray Succre  The ceiling fan turns, a man speaks, cups clink and there’s a spill, the traffic spatters by out front, the bay shrieks in gulls and clicking crabs, this ugly plastic pen with all her parts, toilets flushing, sinks running, cars parking, doors closing, seats moved upon, stood from, sat down in, the wind on asphalt, the Earth under curbs, the sky above fuming cranes, the days.  By twenty-eight humans wiring across their lives, eating, I’m near all I can see and hear, a member of all this, my head in my hands in the acrid gasoline … Continue reading Mania

Christmas Island

  Christmas Island   by Ray Succre   Back on the isle of my upbringing, there was a tavern.  Christmas came and grunted the assertive dads into the tavern, these rebutting parents talking over their money and cubs.  In December, the marina was a man-bar for bulls; they came vacant but fatherly, net-haulers and knife-writers in the bantering liquid, a torpor of bulls, each in a whiskey blanket of shit, luxuriant as giants of reticence, big-titted men and felons, fish-reeking drinkers late in the marina tavern, men sorting ever closer- watching Saint Nicholas approach like a red tide.  Christmas was not … Continue reading Christmas Island


BLANTON, HARRELL, COOKE, CORZINE — Blanton Harrell Cooke & Corzine clients enjoy the benefits of a multi-layered management team focused on the growth of each individual career. With our vast experience and knowledge of the entertainment industry, we specialize in: touring, artist development, product development, endorsements, publicity, sales, distribution, merchandise, long term planning, contract negotiations, and day to day management with a full administrative support staff. ===== DANIEL LITERARY GROUP — Represents a variety of categories including fiction (general, inspirational, suspense/thriller) religion/spirituality, narrative nonfiction, business, travel, practical advice, social issues, and biography/memoir. =====   EAMES LITERARY SERVICES reading PUBLISHERS/AGENTS 12/15/08

JOBS and EMPLOYMENT 12/15/08

SUPERVISORY WRITER-EDITOR Location Washington DC — Deadline December 18, 2008. As the Supervisory Writer/Editor, the incumbent serves as the OIG contact relative to writing and editing, such as correspondence, reports, regulations, articles, brochures, and records management for the Secretary, HHS, Congress, all Federal agencies, the private sector, and other parties. Pays $115,317 – $149,000/year. ===== TECHNICAL WRITER-EDITOR Location Montrose, CO — Deadline December 26, 2008. Employing Agency: Bureau of Land Management. Term position. Review, edit, and make corrections to technical reports, Resource Management Plan documents, environmental impact statements, environmental assessments, and related documents for clarity, conciseness, grammatical correctness, … Continue reading JOBS and EMPLOYMENT 12/15/08


AFTER DARK — After Dark is currently seeking non-fiction articles and essays , which reflect the general subject matter, discussed on America’s largest overnight radio program in history, “Coast to Coast AM.” In general, the areas of interest are broad. They include life after death, paranormal, psycho-spiritual, demonic possession, exorcism, theoretical physics, apocalypse, Earth changes, weather patterns, UFOs, alien abductions and phenomenal sightings, remote viewing, futurism and predictions, animal mutilations, spontaneous human combustion, Big Foot, and more. Average size for acceptable pieces is between 1,200-1,800 words including short sidebars of relevance to the article. ===== WEATHERWISE — Your … Continue reading FREELANCE MARKETS 12/15/08