Summer Mountain Poem

                Summer Mountain Poem

by Patrick Pomeroy  

                        If I could show you or tell you where I have been
                        You might know the sun, moon( sometimes full)
                        And stars as I do…as friends I’ve looked up to
                        All these years from so many places
                        None of which I chose. 

                        If I may please show you or tell you where
                        I’ve been you might excuse me for my motorcycle
                        And beer.      

                         My cold neat gin and ridiculous repartee 

                        You will never see or know where I have been
                        Because while I looked for my father and did not
                        Ignore the distractions of other men  

                        You were carefully gathering mountain wild flowers
                        In a valley of the earth surrounded by looming mountains
                        Laughing you called them God’s teeth with a pointing
                        Outstretched hand.

~ by jwoodall on December 1, 2008.

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