Location Denver, CO

Deadline December 15, 2008. Employing Agency Internal
Revenue Service. As a Media Relations Specialist you will
perform work involved in establishing and maintaining mutual
communication between Federal agencies and the general public
and various other pertinent publics including internal and
external audiences.  You will be involved in identifying
communication needs and developing informational materials
that inform appropriate publics of the agency’s policies,
programs, services and activities; and planning, executing,
and evaluating the effectiveness of information and
communications programs.



Location Alameda, CA

Full-time, temporary contract position (9 weeks up to 1 year).
This job requires medium editing of website copy. The copywriter
will work on a team with web designers to come up with great
concepts as well as great lines, produce advertising concepts
for clients and proofread copy for web presentation. Our ideal
candidate must be able to think like a consumer and be able to
communicate clearly, producing web pages that generate more
business contacts for the customer. Deadline December 29, 2008.



Location Virtual

ResumeEdge provides the resume writing services to thousands
of sites, including The Wall Street Journals CareerJournal,
Lycos, SallieMae, and WetFeet. ResumeEdge freelance writers
work from their own computers and offices from anywhere in
the world via the Internet. You (and your staff if applicable)
would complete jobs helping write and edit resumes and cover
letters using existing resumes and cover letters and additional
information (if available). You are paid per completed editing
job. Jobs are accepted via electronic email contract.
Freelance editors in the past have found the effective per job
hourly rate to vary between $20 – $35 per hour.

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