The Agency Group Ltd’s literary department represents a
broad roster of writers, artists, athletes and pop culture
brands to the book publishing, motion picture, television
and radio fields. Nurturing clients from original concept
through to completion, we take an innovative and free-ranging
approach to the development and representation of content. We
have placed books with every major house. From our home in
Los Angeles, we have been unusually successful in developing
books across platform. Send an email or letter with the first
25-50 pages.



As a literary agency, we represent authors for projects they
bring to us, focusing primarily on high-profile narrative
nonfiction, biography and commercial fiction. Mel Parker
Books, LLC is both a book producer and a literary agency.



Lark represents authors in the sale of their book proposals
to the most appropriate publishers, negotiates publishing
contracts, and acts as an advocate for the author and the
book throughout the entire publishing process. Produces
and represents books. Primarily nonfiction.

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