BLANTON, HARRELL, COOKE, CORZINE — Blanton Harrell Cooke & Corzine clients enjoy the benefits of a multi-layered management team focused on the growth of each individual career. With our vast experience and knowledge of the entertainment industry, we specialize in: touring, artist development, product development, endorsements, publicity, sales, distribution, merchandise, long term planning, contract negotiations, and day to day management with a full administrative support staff. ===== DANIEL LITERARY GROUP — Represents a variety of categories including fiction (general, inspirational, suspense/thriller) religion/spirituality, narrative nonfiction, business, travel, practical advice, social issues, and biography/memoir. ===== ¬† EAMES LITERARY SERVICES reading PUBLISHERS/AGENTS 12/15/08

JOBS and EMPLOYMENT 12/15/08

SUPERVISORY WRITER-EDITOR Location Washington DC — Deadline December 18, 2008. As the Supervisory Writer/Editor, the incumbent serves as the OIG contact relative to writing and editing, such as correspondence, reports, regulations, articles, brochures, and records management for the Secretary, HHS, Congress, all Federal agencies, the private sector, and other parties. Pays $115,317 – $149,000/year. ===== TECHNICAL WRITER-EDITOR Location Montrose, CO — Deadline December 26, 2008. Employing Agency: Bureau of Land Management. Term position. Review, edit, and make corrections to technical reports, Resource Management Plan documents, environmental impact statements, environmental assessments, and related documents for clarity, conciseness, grammatical correctness, … Continue reading JOBS and EMPLOYMENT 12/15/08


AFTER DARK — After Dark is currently seeking non-fiction articles and essays , which reflect the general subject matter, discussed on America’s largest overnight radio program in history, “Coast to Coast AM.” In general, the areas of interest are broad. They include life after death, paranormal, psycho-spiritual, demonic possession, exorcism, theoretical physics, apocalypse, Earth changes, weather patterns, UFOs, alien abductions and phenomenal sightings, remote viewing, futurism and predictions, animal mutilations, spontaneous human combustion, Big Foot, and more. Average size for acceptable pieces is between 1,200-1,800 words including short sidebars of relevance to the article. ===== WEATHERWISE — Your … Continue reading FREELANCE MARKETS 12/15/08

GRANTS 12/15/08

DIANA L. BENNETT FELLOWS — Black Mountain offers nine-month fellowships to published writers and public intellectuals. The program accepts applications from novelists, poets, playwrights, historians, political scientists, independent scholars, and anyone else whose work is meant for a general, educated lay audience. Black Mountain awards three to five fellowships each year to outstanding writers who have published at least one critically acclaimed book before the time of application. Foreign nationals conversant in English are welcome to apply. There are no degree requirements. Fellows receive a $50,000 stipend, an office, a computer, and access to UNLV’s Lied Library. They remain … Continue reading GRANTS 12/15/08


¬†REDLANDS AROMATHERAPY FOUNDATION WRITING CONTEST — $15 ENTRY FEE Categories poetry, short fiction and personal recollection essays. Publication on the web site and in newsletter. Looking for original literary works based on the healing power of nature, including, but not limited to: gardens, nature, flowers, and aromatherapy. The contest is open to any genre and is open to any writer of any age, writing in English. Entries should be limited to less than 3,000 words. Deadline December 31, 2008. Winners will be contacted January 15-20, 2009. First Prize: $300 Second Prize: $150 Third Prize: $50 ===== PECAN GROVE PRESS … Continue reading AWARDS, CONTESTS and COMPETITIONS 12/14/08