After Dark is currently seeking non-fiction articles and essays
, which reflect the general subject matter, discussed on America’s
largest overnight radio program in history, “Coast to Coast AM.”
In general, the areas of interest are broad. They include life after
death, paranormal, psycho-spiritual, demonic possession,
exorcism, theoretical physics, apocalypse, Earth changes,
weather patterns, UFOs, alien abductions and phenomenal sightings,
remote viewing, futurism and predictions, animal mutilations,
spontaneous human combustion, Big Foot, and more.
Average size for acceptable pieces is between 1,200-1,800
words including short sidebars of relevance to the article.



Your letter should outline the direction of the article,
give an indication of your writing style and perspective,
tell us why or how you’re qualified to write the article,
list potential sources and illustration possibilities, and
include clips of your published work. Departments–including
software, video, and book reviews; and essays on topics ranging
from folklore to personal experiences–should be between 800
and 1,500 words. Pays up to $500.



Wildland Firefighter’s readership includes active wildland
firefighters and managers in fire departments, training
academies, fire camps and government agencies. Wildland
Firefighter focuses on stories from the fireline, practical
information, news, techniques and product reviews to assist
wildland firefighters and fire managers.

Features: $100–$250
Departments: $50–$200
News items: $25-$50.



The magazine’s content reflects its diverse audience and the
specific concerns of its publisher, the Nebraska Game and
Parks Commission. Subject matter includes all varieties of
outdoor recreation including camping, travel, canoeing,
hunting, fishing, Nebraska’s state parks and recreation
areas, wildlife, natural history, unique personalities, art,
culture, history and personal reminiscence. All articles have
a strong Nebraska association. The magazine welcomes
freelance submissions and pays $.15 per word of edited text.



You&Me America’s Medical Magazine seeks non-fiction
articles, preferably from a first-person perspective,
about the human aspects of dealing with all medical
issues, from the life threatening to the chronic to the
so-called “trivial.” We do not want all happy endings or
all sad endings- and we invite articles dealing with end-
of-life issues from a first person or close family
perspective. We can use some health-care provider
prospective, poetry and expressionistic pieces, and
cartoons. We do not want or use informational articles.
We buy one-time rights or reprints rights for electronic
rights as both parties find agreeable. Pays around five



CALLED is sophisticated and practical. We provide reliable
information on marketing a ministry at all stages of its
development, managing and growing organizational finances,
nurturing a start-up congregation, and effectively tackling
all nuances affiliated with “everyday” ministry. Most
importantly, CALLED does not forget about the reader herself.
Our magazine equips female pastors & women in ministry with
the inspiration they need to be all that God has called
them to be — while never losing sight of their needs,
beauty, and worth as women–inside and out.



If you’d like to write articles that are approximately 300-
750 words in length using our online tool that guides you
through the article creation process and get paid to do so
while continuing to build your online reputation then let’s
talk! Our Managing Editor team will be there to help you in
terms of deciding what is important for readers to understand.
We will compensate writers $10 for an article in addition to
future revenue sharing based on its popularity.



Each issue contains action-packed stories and cartoons,
awesome building projects, hilarious jokes and riddles,
creative cooking and collecting columns, intriguing science
experiments, problem solving math puzzlers, fantastic
computer columns, plus a pen pal club, kids’ corner, contests.
There is a theme for each issue and these themes are not
repeated. BOYS’ QUEST is a magazine created for boys from 6
to 13 years, with youngsters 8, 9, and 10 the specific target
age. Pays five cents/word. The ideal length of a BOYS’ QUEST
piece, for nonfiction or fiction, is 500 words.



Every HOPSCOTCH contributor must remember we publish only
six issues a year, which means our editorial needs are
extremely limited. An annual total, for instance, will
include some 30 to 36 nonfiction pieces, 9 or 10 short
stories, 18 or so poems, six cover illustrations, and a
smattering of puzzles, crafts, and the like. With that
said, we would point out that HOPSCOTCH is a magazine
created for girls from 6 to 13 years, with girls 8, 9,
and 10 the specific target age.

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