You were a black poem

You were a black poem

by Melissa Stiers

From the heart of your wet nose
to your long-haired tail
that painted the hardwood
every morning
in the spring dew.

Born with a heart murmur,
died of kidney failure,
you are the endless spunk between.

Your throat was a reed
that sang through a cavernous universe,
shook the shadows out of the corners
and danced them
through your fur in the breeze.

You absorbed the sun,
shut down the stars
with your eyelids
and charged bulls
with the enormity behind them.

You were as feisty as fire tails
whipping back the night,
until today
when it laid you down
and tucked you into
a starless blanket.

~ by jwoodall on January 2, 2009.

One Response to “You were a black poem”

  1. What a touching and loving gesture, for a star in your life. Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful words with the world.

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