God in a Box

God in a Box

 by Sean Patrick Leary

He keeps God in an ornate mahogany box,
with an intricate, hand carved, heavy lid.
The box sits on a shelf, on display,
next to photo albums, memorabilia,
sentimental items and trinkets.

Occasionally he pulls the box down
to peek inside.  Sometimes he even
leaves it out overnight, around holidays,
when certain family comes to visit,
and particularly when he wants something
not to be. 

The lid is usually closed.
It wouldn’t be right to let God
hear his language, read his words,
see his deceit, or listen to the illicit
carnal screams.  

He wonders about God inside,
but he worries about what’s out.
So, for now, he seems content to
push as far as he can,
before the box needs to be opened
for good. 

           Lord, make me chaste, but not yet.

                                            –  Saint Augustine

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