Pet Peeves

by Gina Gareri-Watkins It’s early Saturday morning and the dogs have apparently eaten the one remaining holiday assortment of chocolate candy and dried fruit. Having just walked into a morning and living room literally filled with crap, I’m once again reminded that pets do not lower your blood pressure in my house: Family pets have historically given me nothing but headaches. This past month I flushed the family fish, the box turtle escaped its outdoor pen, and my youngest daughter’s mouse died after three years and one last spin on the wheel while I was dusting its cage. To make … Continue reading Pet Peeves


by Vanessa Knauf “I love you.” “What?” Desiree can’t hear out of her right ear, so I often have to repeat myself. “I love you!” I shout. She frowns. “Love will tear us apart.” “Why do you say that?” “It’s like that Meat Loaf song—sooner or later you’ll be screwing around.” “I won’t do that.” “What?” “No! I won’t do that!” Desiree sighs and picks at her fuchsia stockings. Since she lost her hearing she has dressed in bold bright colors, perhaps hoping that the louder she dresses, the better she’ll hear. I grab the end of her teal scarf, … Continue reading Desiree