God in a Box

God in a Box  by Sean Patrick Leary He keeps God in an ornate mahogany box, with an intricate, hand carved, heavy lid. The box sits on a shelf, on display, next to photo albums, memorabilia, sentimental items and trinkets. Occasionally he pulls the box down to peek inside.  Sometimes he even leaves it out overnight, around holidays, when certain family comes to visit, and particularly when he wants something not to be.  The lid is usually closed. It wouldn’t be right to let God hear his language, read his words, see his deceit, or listen to the illicit carnal … Continue reading God in a Box


ACC WRITERS STUDIO THE 5TH ANNUAL LITERARY CONTEST. $250 first prizes in poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction for unpublished work. Colorado residents only. Deadline: February 2. Winners honored at the Writers Studio Literary Festival in April. Submission guidelines at Writers Studio Web site: http://www.arapahoe.edu/deptprgrms/eng/writersindex.html. E-mail: writerstudio@arapahoe.edu. Phone: (303) 797-5815. PLAN B PRESS 5TH ANNUAL POETRY CHAPBOOK CONTEST. Prize: $225 plus 50 copies. Entry fee: $15. Deadline: March 1.For details and prospectus call (215) 732-2663 or visit http://www.planbpress.com/contestnew.html. AMERICAN POETRY JOURNAL 2009 BOOK PRIZE.  For a full-length collection, 50-65 pages. $1,000 plus publication; all entries considered for publication. Deadline: February 28. … Continue reading CONTESTS and AWARDS for JANUARY 2009

New in 2009

The holiday hiatus is over and The Write Room is back.  So what’s new for TWR 2009?  Our focus has always been on quality.  Therefore, to continue the practice of providing quality reading and information, The Write Room is becoming a monthly publication.  We believe that a monthly, updated publication provides our readers with a wider variety of superior content.  Additionally, we have goals for the new year which include The Write Room-sponsored readings where our writers and their audiences can connect with each other, as well as a writing contest or two.  Here’s to an exciting new year! Joellen Kubiak-Woodall … Continue reading New in 2009