Shop Talk

Shop Talk

by Jacob Martin

            You would not believe how people abuse

            their lawn mowers.  Take this one, for instance:

            a good model, built to go the distance,

            its owner put it to some awful use

            and now it quits, if it does not refuse

            to start.  The trouble is that the romance

            that begins with a love-at-first-sight glance—

            a guy walks in for a couple of screws

            and walks out with a brand-new, shiny dream—

            the romance leaks like oil, so slowly

            that the guy doesn’t notice or doesn’t care.

            He sees the thing’s just another machine

            and no longer treats it like it’s holy.

            He says he can’t see why it needs repair.

2 thoughts on “Shop Talk

  1. Darling darling poet friend . . Jacob!! it is you . with that lovely poetry i’d recognize anywhere.. i stumbled across osme of your earlier works and was inspired to find your writing once again. . how to get a hold of you?
    yes it’s me your fellow peace poet still traveling the world and writing.. i do so hope you write back. . lovin your style peace
    alison matulich

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