mental health

david mclean

mental health


what fails us


is not a psyche

raped as a baby

but a whole rapist


inventing the obligation

of the raped and



inside us is nothing

a box of

nothing, a mind

inside the body

that defines us



what fails us

is the listless fingers

of the state touching places

they do not belong in,

its children

abused and used

to feed factories, factors

drugged by society’s

evil dealers, psychiatrists

are priests and policemen,

devils and the lies they feed us



problems are is this succulent

stasis, the nothing that lies

bright electric lies between

its shiftless victims, social

dustbin they throw humans

in, the mad and their broken

words in, as were they hopeless

vermin, as though children

were poems to be



the maniacs dismissed as idiots

often the only people with eyes

open, often the hope and the

open, the eyes that closed hope



they are unhappy not

handicapped, they are just

human, these self-injuring



and you, Herr Doktor,

sadic impotence and sexy

self-importance, no mother

substitute, no nipple

~ by jwoodall on February 14, 2009.

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