of things and denotata

david mclean


of things and denotata


objects are denotata

and no more than

exactly that for us

even when fucking

now, the grunting “Cartesian

subject” was not the “subject”

for Scholastic Descartes

but the ob-jective sub-iectum

projected like an objectionable

orgasm on the raped face of



or probably fumbling a fuck at

Nothing, to which i hereby surrender,

give this “me” to blood-thirsty Buddha

and the Nothing we are the Lack

of, and came into, as we crept

out greasy as Oedipus

from the stealthy cunt

that fucked us



there are no things only lonely

denotata and words like

denotata” denoting aspects

of denotation or facials, and their

respective aspects (disrespectful

rejection) and missing

meanings menacing Human

Reality (meaning mainly “Lack”

and Dasein that “Human Reality”

was meant to mean “is”

mainly this very

lacking –


meaning mostly nothing

though we love it

(it smells a bit like children,

possibly kittens)


~ by jwoodall on February 14, 2009.

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