American Short(er) Fiction Prize

American Short(er) Fiction Prize *Our new contest highlights great work in shorter fiction–stories of 1,000 words or less, to be exact.* * *First prize *receives $500 and publication. *Second prize* receives $250 and publication. Judged by the editorial staff of American Short Fiction. Contest is open from February 16 to May 1. Submissions accepted online via the /ASF /Submission Manager. *Guidelines* 1. All entries must be unpublished and 1,000 words or less. Please type and double-space. 2. The entry fee is $15, payable through our publisher’s online store [ <>%5D. Please pay the entry fee before submitting your work through … Continue reading American Short(er) Fiction Prize

The Custodian of My Transgressions

The Custodian of My Transgressions  by Patrick Pomeroy      You held me in your arms,   But not for very long.  I cried for your milk. I nursed until you bled.    I needed your love..your warmth.   You could barely stand it.  I was writhing and couldn’t know  Your thoughts. What was in your head.  I but an animal enough to know  What was not in your heart.    Later in my young life you would  Retreat.   From all that was maternal,  All that I needed for my child’s   Heart to beat..and my soul to eat.       To your room where you slept a … Continue reading The Custodian of My Transgressions