Freelance Markets/Job Opportunities

Abbey Hill Literary Invites Submissions

Unique short fiction contests. Please visit Abbey Hill, review the challenges and rules there, then craft and submit original work of up to 1000 words. Most genres welcome. Entry: $12. Prizes $500, $200, $100, Evolving Talent $50. Electronic entries preferred; snail mail OK. Deadline 2-28-09. Results 1st week of April. Email: | Website:



Ronald Goldfarb, AWP counsel and occasional contributor, is researching a book on the subject of Anonymity. He is interested in any suggested readings or information on the subject.  Pseudonyms, for example, will be covered. Examples are solicited. Readings, fiction or nonfiction, dealing with any and all aspects of anonymity are welcome. Please contact him at RGLawLit@AOL.Com, or 721 Gibbon Street, Alexandria VA 22314.

PAY: $5.00 – $20.00 An online literary/arts/culture publication. We are a literary journal for people who don’t like literary journals. We focus on the offbeat, the unknown, the weird and the just plain obscure. Guidelines:


PAY: $.60 to $1.00 per word A proud sponsor of Leave No Trace (check out our book, Leave No Trace, available from The Mountaineers Press). All articles and photos that appear in the magazine must adhere to Leave No Trace’s ecologically friendly practices. Likewise, we do not promote motorized use in the Wilderness or backcountry. Our readers are knowledgeable and experienced backpackers, therefore we accept only authentic, well-researched, well-crafted stories (see the section on “Accuracy,” below). We’re not interested in slavish imitations of stories we’ve already done, but studying the examples that follow should help you grasp our style and mission. As always, you should carefully study several issues of the magazine before submitting a query. The best articles have style, depth, emotional impact, and take-away value for the reader. Guidelines:,3132,,00.html


Backpacking Light
Invites submissions for both online ( and print (Backpacking Light Magazine) formats. Investigative Journalism: Backpacking Light places the highest priority on well-written, well-researched, investigative pieces that critically examine industry trends, technologies, history, and controversial topics. How to Submit: Submit your ideas and articles to If you have companion images or other files (word, excel, pdf, etc.), please include them in your email submission. Copyright Issues: Generally, authors are expected to grant Beartooth Mountain Press the copyright and exclusive license to redistribute your content in both print and online formats. We happily grant written exclusions so that authors can redistribute their content elsewhere on a case by case basis. Royalties and Honoraria: We pay royalties to book authors and co-authors, but not to authors of periodical content. We generally offer honoraria in the amounts of $25 to $250 for well-written pieces with photographs that are accepted for submission, and up to $1,000 or more for in-depth investigative pieces. PAY: $25 – $1000


Broken Pencil seeks fiction
PAY: $30 Broken Pencil seeks “fiction that conforms to no principles, no guidelines and no reconceptions…work that hurts you to write, and us to read”. Submit stories 50-3000 words. Payment varies; magazine endeavors to pay contributors $30 minimum, but hopefully more. Send stories to attention Ken Sparling, along with bio and complete contact information. Guidelines:


Blood Lotus Journal
Blood Lotus is “a heart & a flower,” according to Rane Arroyo, but is also a new online literary journal!  We are three passionate editors with eclectic tastes who want fresh language & images in well-crafted submissions of poetry, fiction, & creative nonfiction.  For guidelines, please visit:


A quarterly magazine (founded in 1967) which offers a social, political and esthetic perspective on the cinema. We are not affiliated with any organization or institution. We are interested in all areas of the cinema, including Hollywood films (old and new), American independents, quality European films, and the cinema of the Third World. Familiarity with our editorial policies is a must for authors. The most frequent reason we reject material is that the potential contributor has sent material which, because of length or style or orientation, is clearly out of place in our pages. Our target audience is the intelligent general public, a public that is fairly sophisticated about both art and politics. No matter how complex the ideas or arguments advanced, we demand readability. We think it is the job of the writer to clarify his or her thoughts and not for the reader to decipher clumsy formulations. We dislike academic jargon, obtuse Marxist terminology, film buff trivia, trendy ‘buzz’ phrases, and show biz references. We do not want our writers to speak of how they have ‘read’ or ‘decoded’ a film, but to view, analyze and interpret same. The author’s processes and quirks should be secondary to the interests of the reader. Warning the reader of problems with specific films is more important to us than artificially ‘puffing’ a film because its producers or politics are agreeable. PAY: $10 – $100


Ferno House seeks dinosaur porn

Ferno House (Toronto) and The Emergency Response Unit seeks writing that takes the prompt “Dinosaur Porn” as inspiration and a springboard for bigger and better things. Submit poetry, prose, and non-fiction (any length). Deadline: August 7, 2009.


The First Lines

All stories must be written with the first lines provided on:  Stories should be between 300 & 3000 words & can be sent to:  Please include your name & contact information. Payment is $20 & a copy of the issue in which your story appears.


Mad Magazine
PAY: up to $400 Mad is now actively seeking to expand its freelance writing staff. We’re looking for writers who are clever, offbeat, and, most importantly, funny. We want to infuse new life, energy and a fresh look into the magazine. Guidelines:


March Magazine

PAY: $.50 – $1.00/word March publishes fiction as well as nonfiction. Stories, shorts, novel excerpts, poetry and any kind of visual art should be submitted in their totality. We publish work that knocks our socks off. Guidelines:


MS. Magazine

PAY: not discussed until an assignment has been made Write for Ms. Magazine – Writers wishing to submit to Ms. Magazine should be advised of the following: 1. Ms. does not accept, acknowledge nor return unsolicited poetry or fiction. 2. Ms. considers only non-fiction queries. Please do not send full manuscripts unless requested by the editor. Query letters should clearly state the topic of your proposed project and your qualifications to write on this topic. If interested, we will contact you. 3. When querying, please include a brief bio and 2 or 3 previously published clips. 4. The editors strongly recommend that interested writers reference several recent issues of Ms. to familiarize yourself with our content and style. 5. We consider articles on the following topics: politics, social commentary, popular culture, law, education, art and the environment. 6. We do not consider the following topics: fashion, beauty, fitness, travel or food. 7.Film, music and book reviews are covered in-house. 8. Our rates vary and are not discussed until an assignment has been made. 9. We cannot discuss queries over the phone. As well, we are not responsible for manuscripts sent to us. 10. Response time is approximately 12 weeks. 11. All query letters should be sent to: Queries/ Ms. Magazine 433 South Beverly Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90212


National Association of Women Writers

PAY: $10 upon publication NAWW is seeking positive articles or essays about your experiences as a woman writer. There are 2 primary categories for your writing: inspirational or how-to. Inspirational stories may be a maximum of 600 words. How-to articles may be a maximum of 1500 words. Submissions may be reprints. Accepted articles and essays will be published in NAWW Weekly or The NAWW Writer’s Guide. You may query first or send complete “work” to You must be a current NAWW Member to submit to either of our publications.


Nervy Girl!

A thinking women’s magazine and a forum for issues relevant to women. Thus, our readers deserve writing that is intelligent, well researched, and thought provoking. Our goal at Nervy Girl! is to make people think, encourage women to take action, and help them make bold decisions about their lives. We trust our readers to make up their own minds. Is your writing or art a good fit for Nervy Girl!? Nervy Girl! editors prefer to assign pieces based on queries. Queries are simply short idea proposals. Essays, poetry, fiction and art are an exception to this rule, but for all other genres, please send a query. PAY: $5 – $100. See Deadlines & Themes for information on query due dates. Guidelines:


New York Stories

PAY: up to $700 for fiction and non-fiction New York Stories is seeking short fiction and non-fiction. Stories should have strong characters, fresh voices and distinctive angles of vision. We are open to the best work we can find from around the world. The stories do not need to be set in New York, but we do welcome stories that explore the city’s diversity. Guidelines:


O Tempora!

O Tempora! is a new online literary magazine. We’re looking for new writing by new & experienced writers alike. We accept submissions of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, & book reviews. Submissions are currently being accepted. Get in on the ground floor. Be new. Be now. Be part of something. Submit. Visit our website for submission guidelines:

Oxford Magazine

A publication of Miami University’s English Department, this journal seeks innovative fiction, poetry, new-media, and essays for its 22nd publication, an online edition coming in May of 2008. Email submissions only. For submission guidelines, visit:


Poets & Writers
Poets & Writers Magazine reaches a national audience of 60,000 readers—from emerging to established literary writers. The magazine has a strong following among both students and faculty in creative writing programs across the country. In addition, many of its readers pursue creative writing as an avocation, often pairing their literary lives with other careers. We recommend that you read Poets & Writers Magazine before sending us a query or an article for consideration. You may also visit our online Archive, which contains a selection of articles from past issues. Our editorial content is divided into the following four sections.
– News & Trends: brief articles (500-1,200 words) that keep our readers abreast of pertinent information in the writing and publishing industries.
– The Literary Life: essays (1,500-2,500 words) on the more contemplative aspects of writing, ranging from creative process to the art of reading.
– The Practical Writer: advice and how-to articles (1,500-2,500 words) that offer nuts and bolts information about the business of creative writing.
– Features: profiles of and interviews with (2,000-3,000 words) contemporary writers who reflect the rich diversity of current American literature. Recent featured authors include Anne Carson, Sandra Cisneros, Jonathan Franzen, Li-Young Lee, Chuck Palahniuk, Colson Whitehead, and C.D. Wright. Other features include articles and essays (2,000-3,000 words), frequently grouped into special sections, that provide an in-depth look at subjects of interest to creative writers, such as writers conferences and residencies, small presses, regional writing, and the distinctions of genre. PAY: Varies


Poetry & Fiction Invited for Feminist Studies

Not only a scholarly journal but also the publisher of writing by Meena Alexander, Nicole Brossard, Jayne Cortez, Toi Derricotte, Diane Glancy, Marilyn Hacker, Lyn Hejinian, June Jordan, Audre Lorde, Cherrie Moraga, Sharon Olds, Grace Paley, Ruth Stone, & Mitsuye Yamada.  To submit your work, see guidelines at or email

Pulp Net, The Online Home of New Fiction
Pulp Net is a webspace that feels like a book. It’s also a headspace where anyone can write, if they want to. Unlike those who want to fight to the death for the return of bygone apostrophes, Pulp Net tries not to place too much faith in grammatical correctness. There’s no point in a garden if you can’t walk on the grass, no point in a flat stomach if you can’t eat icecream, and there’s little point in perfect prose if all readers feel is awe at its perfection. Guest editors of Pulp Net in recent months have included Helen Cross, Rajeev Balsubramanyam, Peter Hobbs, Funda Bilgic, Laura Hird, Nicola Monaghan and Alistair Gentry. Each issue features the occasional commissioned story, but each month at least two out of three short stories are selected from open submissions. To submit writing to Pulp Net, check the Live Lit page Create section, which carries details of calls for submissions both to here and to other publications. Or just send your best unpublished work. GUIDELINES: Short stories of 1,000-4,000 words can be pasted below (go to Website for the form). If responding to a call for submissions on the Live Lit page, please put ‘FAO editor name’ in the title field. If you prefer, send an attachment to editor at with the theme in the first line of your email text, followed by your name, address and email address. (To avoid bias, contact information will not be passed on to guest editors until their selection has been made). Non-themed submissions will be reviewed and passed to an appropriate editor, where possible. PAY: £100 per story published.


Siglio Press
Siglio Press publishes innovative fiction, hybrid literary works, non-genre graphic novels, narratives with visual, typographic or structural demands, artist-writer collaborations, & other provocative works that live at the intersections & interstices of art & literature. Siglio fosters new works in new forms, generates unique opportunities for artists & writers to collaborate & converse across media, cultures & languages, & creates new contexts for previously published or forgotten works to appear without compromise. More information & submission guidelines are available at:

===== is looking for excellent, original, and previously unpublished essays, articles, stories, and criticism. NONFICTION: Currently accepting short commentaries on arts and culture, as well as personal essays of up to 1,000 words. We are also accepting feature-length reportage, memoir, and travel writing of up to 4,000 words. FICTION: We are accepting short stories of up to 1,500 words. In particular, we are currently looking for pieces to publish under the columns Something Personal (memoir and personal essay), and Grand Tour (travel essays). These columns should run no more than 1,500 words. Features run anywhere from 2,500 to 5,000 words (or longer). Pay and expenses are negotiable.

For columns, send completed pieces. For features, query with clips. Email both to For more details visit:


Black Buzzard Press’s critically acclaimed journal, Visions International, is requesting poetry submissions for its 30th Anniversary issue. Send 3-6 unpublished poems not currently submitted elsewhere, with SASE to: Black Buzzard Press, 3503 Ferguson Ln., Austin, TX 78745.

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