A Bit of Pete

                                by Faig Mamedov   the dire straights Pete just could not stand Freddie, and Freddie knew this only too well. As a matter of fact, he hated Pete’s guts.   The Fool Whenever people asked him, ‘How’s things?’, Pete would start telling them how things were.   No News Pete was watching something on TV. Freddie smoked. Roman lay on the bed with his boots on. Nothing else of note happened that day.   Like-Minded ‘You know,’ he said, ‘I had a wonderful dream last night, but you weren’t in it!’ ‘Oh! Did you?’ she asked. ‘A stupid girl, … Continue reading A Bit of Pete

Chisel the Poet

by Faig Mamedov   The poet called Chisel grated his way through the prosy days of his life.  He managed to make ends meet somehow. He had and lost many a job, and was often in the red. And yet, he had been looking for that mysterious point where the parallel lines cross until his wife calmed their crying baby against the corner of his writing desk one day.  Chisel found a job at the local graveyard where, in the stone workshop, the huge circular grinder screeched and howled as it carved out headstones for the cool customers. Chisel had … Continue reading Chisel the Poet


by Faig Mamedov  Simpson was eating his lunch in the kitchen when a tall, thin man in a checked suit emerged suddenly right from the wall and rushed past Simpson with a whirr past Simpson’s table.   Simpson did not stop eating. He did not even lift his head.   The stranger appeared again. He slowly walked past Simpson and – vanished into thin air!   Simpson was eating.   The checked man came hurriedly out of the floor and gave a blood-curdling shriek as he slid right into the electrical outlet.   Simpson was eating.   The stranger slipped … Continue reading SIMPSON