by Patrick Pomeroy

It all seemed crazy today.
Just for a second
Then I passed through ghetto
Bright light.
The President and his men
Television going on about
The war

Death and no birds
“Carry on soldier”
Soldiers’ carrion

They all seemed crazy today
Just for a second

Stepping through the light
I remembered you for the dream
You had created for yourself

Now waking life came with a spark
Sunburned hills and nobody for miles
Spring born meadows instead of Linden
In the Park

Legs pumping through wildflowers
A sleepy mile colored in ochre and
Burnt  sienna


Mother earth’s orgasmic flow into a
Valley set below. The mountains with
Grey shale peaks…capped in snow

It all seemed so crazy
For a second today

Blinking quickly in the shade
I remembered you lazily
Walking your caramel colored horse
In the dream you had created.

Along a rust colored trail
A narrow path choking
With the heat and dust
Of an august summer

It all seemed so crazy today…

~ by jwoodall on September 19, 2009.

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