Askold Skalasky

They were wild once,

browsing on clover, weeds,

cropping away at tufts of sedge,

rumps clumped in a field,

pinbones projecting like

two stubbed towers of a bridge

covered by a span of sagging hide,

nebulas of slowly thickening flesh,

bulbous and ruminant,

sotted with a stew of grass,

the steady gazing eyes

like vitreous phlegmatic moons

persisting in their elemental unconcern,

vast physiology of hoof and horn,

the fecund udders slumping to the ground

like soft edemas with pink teats,

the rich manure steaming in gray-gold mounds

stomached through countless labyrinths

churning the star-bright juices in their seas.


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Askold Skalasky is a former community college professor, whose poems have appeared in numerous small press magazines and journals, most recently in freefall and The Dos Passos Review.

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