Askold Skalasky

We’ve left the beach alone in its shadow,

the ocean with its faded waves,

no bathers, sailboats anywhere.

What a summer it’s been—

the pale blue watches stretching in the heat

to affix themselves to memory,

melting their movements for a while,

the sweet secretions of our words

like ants crawling on a metal heap.

The dreamer lies saddled in the dream,

a stranded sea horse, swelled and riderless,

that keeps us semi-soft within its frame.

Our hands point bravely to the clinging hours

wanting to recollect themselves before the fall,

with some slight semblance of regret.


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Askold Skalasky is a former community college professor whose poems have appeared in numerous small press magazines and journals, most recently in freefall and The Dos Passos Review.

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