Believe Science


Tomer Konowiecki

They called Papa’s murderer cold-blooded

in the morning paper:

A different species, inscrutable—Not man.

Then the photo of the courtroom—

browns of justice, the oak panels of reason—a room

less colorful than I remembered.  Where is the red

conflagrating vengeance in my eyes?

No towering fire in the center of the room

where I burned the killer with the varnished wood.

The picture doesn’t show me dancing ape-bodied

around the blaze, howling for the meat.—Justice?

A son of Reason?

Believe science who says I am a son of apes—one beast

roasting another on the spinning spit.

Believe science, not the fresh-printed words of man

that smudge fingers like blood.


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Believe Science

Tomer Knowiecki is the 2009 Tangled Web Press Online Poetry Contest winner, with his poetry appearing in the upcoming 2009 Tangled Press Poetry Anthology. He resides in Los Angeles, CA, where he recently received an English degree from UCLA and is currently studying Law.

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